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Thoughts on the week ahead

Had to punk out on pretty much all of my weekend plans... combination of being pretty wiped out from the trip and a few other factors. Today is the second day I've spent mostly slugabed, and it'll be the last. I have much to do. haikujaguar needs me to write, for example. :)

Tonight: Write my Arisia bio and finalize my panel selection!

Monday: Lots of phone calls. Writing and, mmm, not-writing with lightcastle. Buying black slacks for Elayna. Possibly going to a talk at the Harvard Museum of Natural History in the evening.
Tuesday: The day's clear for editing and writing, and minor errands. Elayna's winter concert is Tuesday evening! :) So no Diesel for me.
Wednesday: Doing a talk for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center - high school kids this time, so my speech will be less detail-heavy. There's an event in that area on Wednesday night that I'm seeking more info on.
Thursday: Editing and writing. Adam's gaming that night, so if I do anything social, it'll be at my house, not going out.
Friday: Wow. Actually clear.
Saturday: Depends entirely on whether feste_sylvain can get a babysitter. If he can, I'll be going to a party with him; if not, I'll be going to the Wyrding Studios house party with emilytheslayer.

My to-do list is fairly enormous, so I'm glad my schedule isn't all that jam-packed this week. I have a little less than two weeks before I'm out of town for nine days... a big chunk of next week is earmarked just for trip planning and packing.
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