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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to phantom_wolfboy, one of the best friends I've never met!

Hello to new readers firebow and kateing!

*wheeze* Spent last night in a hookah bar. It's ktempest's fault. :P *wheeze*

Very full-body achey; combination of roadie-ing (upper back and arms) and legs (New York subway).

New York
- subway stairs
+ Vosges! Aztec hot chocolate. Free truffles. Yay. :)
- dim lights and smoke at aforementioned hookah bar
+ the salon aspect of last night
- New York is Not My Place. It ill-fits; it chafes.
+ Elayna might quite like it; we could maybe all three come up some long weekend this spring.

Thank you...
* to catvalente, s00j, and K. for being sisters and shipmates whatever may come
* yagathai, rosefox, and sinboy for hosting a pack of weird storytellers
* to ktempest, for last night's salon and for buying Elayna's art-show piece
* to everyone who came out to the Orphan's Tales Roadshow - friends both old and new.
* most of all, Adam! For being willing to take on solo parenting duties for a few days so I could do this. :)

That the cozy cocoon I have made for myself in my wee office in Boston does not bind me there; that I am once again as capable of spontaneous adventures and all attendant things as I was as a teenager.

Read This
Forget the adult content thing. Don't worry about the New Russian Overlords. LJ found a much better way to say "fuck you" to all of us.
See, Facebook released a spyware program called Beacon last week. You might have heard of it, as its initial release automatically opted Facebook users in, showing their movie ticket and travel purchases to other Facebook users.
They revamped this program to be opt-out, but the Beacon spyware program still, in conjunction with their partner sites, captures information about web activities and purchases. Even if you opt out. Even if you don't have (or cancel) your Facebook account (it's still tied to your IP address).
Here's the list of partner sites. Which includes Livejournal.

Watch This
The trailer for Prince Caspian. :)

Daily Science
The geology of the Oracle at Delphi.

Going home. *stretches kittenlike* And into a hot bath.
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