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Argh argh argh.

So sometimes I make collage-y pendants.

And today, seeing the state of the bank account, I set out to make some.

I tell you this as as a friend: Never, ever work with transparencies. Transparencies are a stone bitch to cut accurately. Because, y'know, transparent. So a not-inconsiderable portion of my early afternoon was spent trimming nigh-invisible slivers.

Did I mention that my hands shake? Side effect of either the meds or the neurological crap. Constant tremor, from mild to moderate. Does not make detail work easy.

My hands are killing me, and I have a raging headache.

Have a dozen microscope-slide collage pendants, though. They're pretty. If zlana's photography setup is portable, maybe I can get them photographed and put up for sale tonight.
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