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Happy birthday to my evil twin brujah! (Yeah. I'm not the evil one. That's how evil Helly is.)

Happy early birthday to gows and dreamsrundeep, who both advance a year over the weekend!

The pre-talk tension backlashed me post-talk, washing me in pain... but it's mostly gone this morning. And I don't think I'll be that freaked out next time.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
One story left. And we're at $1,093.50. You can donate after today (Max's total treatment was about $1500 and, well, writing is how I would like to be making something like a living). Thanks to new sponsors phantom_wolfboy, gwynraven, brightlotusmoon, and magenta_girl, and recurring sponsors thisdaydreamer, eustaciavye, and dulcinbradbury! (There should be a little "Wind Tunnel Dreams sponsor" banner...)

December will = editing and expanding WTD and writing Katrina's story for Shayara.

tamnonlinear has some excellent points. :)

Daily Science
The biggest black holes in the universe might have grown within the bellies of giant stars, a new study suggests. If these hole-bearing "quasistars" exist, then they might be bright enough to see from across the universe.
Quasistars are one attempt to explain the existence of supermassive black holes, which astronomers have detected at the hearts of most large galaxies, and whose origin is still unknown.
Smaller black holes are easier to account for – a massive star's core can sometimes collapse into a black hole with around 10 times the mass of the Sun. But their big brothers can be a billion times as massive.
It is possible that the smaller siblings can grow that big by eating stars and gas or by colliding with each other and merging. But they would have to grow up very quickly in cosmic terms, because some supermassive black holes were already around just a few hundred million years after the big bang.

Daily BPAL

Philosopher in Meditation: Smoldering woodfire embers, Galen’s Kyphi, and Abramelin incense.
In bottle: Mmmm, dark.
On me: Peculiar... there's a sweetness to this.

Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree: Cherry blossom, blue lilac, lavender monofloral honey, white sandalwood, and Asian pear.
In bottle: Little honey, little pear, lotta starchy lilac.
On me: The cherry blossom mostly subdues the lilac, yay!

Gypsy Queen: A heavy-lidded perfume, the quintessence of beauty and power shrouded in mystery, swathed in a deep, velvet-clad cloak of dark omens: Romany incense and candle smoke mingling with an alluring, body-warmed whiff of bergamot, neroli, Bulgar rose, carnation, and amber musk.
In bottle: Sweet musky floral.
On me: Sweet musky floral. Not too incensey. The carnation's starting to spike at me. I would like it to go 'way please.

Kingsport: Salty ocean breezes touched by a numinous, incandescent mist.
In bottle: Sharp saltless aquatic.
On me: Sharp saltless aquatic.

I need to go through my overflowing imp boxes and do a huge sale. When I have time and padded envelopes.

Friday memage!
: Penguin PJs. Planning on wearing jeans and one of my nubbly Victoria's Secret sweaters.
Reading: Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine 30th Anniversary Anthology, edited by Shelia Williams; The Merchants' War, by Charles Stross; The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
Today: Getting all of my pending crap done, since I'll be out of town. Narrowing down my Arisia panel requests and writing a new bio. Getting my birthfamily my holiday flight info. Making Elayna make something for her grandparents so I can get those packages in the mail. Getting WTD printed so I can bring that and my specfic-market binder on the trip and match stories with prospective markets. Getting Elayna's phone replaced so I'm reachable. Tonight, gaming with Adam, Elayna, zlana, digitalpoetry, marmota, and omnisti, later to be joined by s00j and road-weary catvalente.
Tomorrow: Don't know what the daytime plans are, but at 7 PM: Orphan's Tales Reading/Concert/Art Show! at Pandemonium Books in Central Square! After that, Incus show feat. sooj; after that, sleepover date with feste_sylvain.
Sunday: Road trip! And 7 PM reading/concert at 224 S 46th St Philadelphia, PA 19139!
Monday and Tuesday, reading/concerts in Williamsport, PA and NYC! Details here.

I know I'm pushing this heavily. But honestly - I've never seen anything quite like this, with books inspiring all of these songs and all of this art, all of it deepening and texturing the original work... you may never see anything quite like this again, so you should see it when it's in your city.
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