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Dear Grandfather Raven,

Thank you for the gift of storytelling.

All love and laughter,


I am actually positively giddy right now. Going into the last week of November was a bit tension-inducing, because what if I got stuck and choked just a few days shy of my goal? But no - there is one story left, and I know what it is. And then there's a tiny epilogue. And I will have accomplished just exactly what I set out to do, and I will have done it with style, y0. And then I will dance.

Because yeah, this has been difficult. There have been days where I've felt utterly stuck, and feared that the whole project could collapse. But I have managed it. And I am so glad I did this - this blasted me out of my rut. Which I'd desperately needed. And with some polishing, some of these are actually maybe marketable.

We're one day from the end of this project. But in terms of kickstarting myself, this is only the beginning.
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