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More Rob Liefeld

Okay, everything at that previous link is heinous. And Liefeld is a heinous little troll. But. I have two specific examples I wish to show you.

This is why comics sucked in the '90s. This is why it's taken til now for them to be somewhat respectable. Rob Liefeld and his ilk. Stupid-ass illogical costumes and people screaming instead of talking and every muscle in the body and some that Liefeld made up straining at the fabric of the stupid costumes, and no one had feet and everyone had enormous packages. And...yeah.

I put this one here not because of the bad art, but because Johnny is totally fucking Ben. Well. I guess there are pretty few people you can fuck while you're on fire, right? So it's natural that he'd turn to the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing...

I'm going to copy from the webpage here, because it cracked me up.

Note the Torch’s full, supple buttocks. If this isn’t a drawing of a naked guy on fire anally violating a semi-nude grotesquery in midair I don’t know comic books! The Thing’s blow-up-doll mouth is also kind of disturbing, as is the fact that he kinda looks like he’s pretty into it. Never would have figured Ben Grimm to be a bottom, but there you have it.

At least they’re face-to-face, so you know this ain’t just some cheap fuck; there’s some passion involved at least. Work those nipples, Johnny! Work them good!
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