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Thor's Day

IMPORTANT: I am going to be doing my first speech for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center at a Take Back the Night thing at BU tonight. It would be really nice to have a ride/someone to hug me after I eviscerate myself on stage. It runs from 7 to 9... my part is only supposed to be about half an hour, and I don't know where in there it'll be happening, so I might get out earlier than 9.

Happy birthday to auton!

Recovering. *nod*

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Clarifying a few points: You can send me monies in December. Dude, you can send me monies any time you want. It's just that tomorrow is the last day I'm posting daily storybits. You do have to sponsor today or tomorrow if you want your prompt used in the chapbook... if I extend that deadline, I will be writing daily storybits through January, and I'd rather focus on editing and expanding what I've got.

Moneywise? Yesterday we crossed the $1K line. You guys like gryphons! Thanks to new sponsors setfiretolife, ewin, wakingdreaming, and Amanda B., and recurring sponsor [Bad username: <lj user=]!

User's Guide to PTSD
An excellent series of posts by rachelmanija: Part I, Part II, Part III.

Bit of Beauty
Falling water</i>...

Link Soup
The 40 worst drawings by Rob Liefeld. "The most important thing you need to know before reading about all the terrible things Rob Liefeld has drawn is that he has never seen or talked to a woman in his life and has no idea what they look like or how their bodies operate. If you asked Rob Liefeld to draw a diagram of the uterus he'd put on a pair of gauntlets and punch the shit out of your chalkboard. This is how the man operates, and though I know it sounds like a lot, you have to believe me. I don't want you looking at the stuff he's drawing and think he's a conscious adult male with a creative job who can and has influenced the minds of young artists. The man is a pair of blue jeans with a face. He has on a backwards cap, and when he turns it around, it's still backwards." I have been forbidden by Terry Moore of Strangers in Paradise to ever speak to Rob Liefeld, but that's a story for another time.
*Table made of rope. Mama wants.
* For Spooky: Squirrel armor!

Daily Science
With all of the press going to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, it's about time that Neptune got a turn. Triton – one of the moons of Neptune – is curious, with large swaths of the planet resembling the skin of a cantaloupe and a retrograde orbit (opposite that of Neptune's rotation). Its surface is thought to be rather young, and a new method of counting the craters that pock the moon may push the age of Triton's surface back even younger than previously thought.

* Shower, write Wind Tunnel Dream
* Continue office stuff. I actually got all of my filing done last night! Go team me!
* Write The Speech.
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