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Gifting Elayna

A few people have asked what they can get Elayna for $WINTERHOLIDAY. Disclaimer: As always, I'm not saying "gimme stuff" or "give my family stuff"; this is for people who were going to shop for her anyway and are just perplexed.

1. In lieu of material things (you should see the piles of Stuff this kid has!), she's requested that you adopt an arctic fox or a bat.

2. She is bound and determined to cut her hair - she's looking at one of those anime-style hairdos that's just a bit below the nape of her neck in back, tapering longer in front. Please help me keep this child's neck warm! Scarves will be *so* welcome.

2a. Cute barrettes and things for that newly-short hair!

3. Do you make something? That. Show her how creative you are - it's a great way of encouraging her to hold onto her own creativity.

4. Gift certificates to bookstores. She's a manga junkie.

5. Art supplies - good drawing pencils, notebooks.

6. She does have an Amazon wishlist; if you hit that, please go easy on the video games. Because all of the grandparents hit the video games hard, and she ends up with more than she can actually play, seeing as I limit her screen (TV/Nintendo/computer) time to something reasonable.

7. Other interests include all things having to do with nature; marine biology's her particular field, but she loves anything to do with nature, saving the environment, et cetera.

8. Oh! And she wants to start a magazine. Any desktop publishing freeware you could link us to?

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. She has plenty of Stuff. There are no cool new games coming out that we've heard of (she loves Apples to Apples, Fluxx, Chrononauts, stuff like that). I'll ask her for any additions when she gets home.
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