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Happy birthday to asciikitty!

Ow. Ow. Ow.

s00j show
Before her set, s00j grabbed my hand and said "You have to dance to "Firebird's Child.""

"I'm not that awesome!" I protested. But I promised.

And the wench opened with it! No buffer, no chance to get other people up on the dance floor - just me, slightly terrified at the idea of Dancing In Front of People. And I got up and I did not look at The Audience, and I was ever so glad that I'd worn a swirly skirt, so I could just spin for part of it - and there were parts where I was able to just be with the music and the energy and not the people, and so it was worth it. Yay for dancing! Boo for shyness; I had to fight my shyness a lot last night, but only so far as Dancing In Front of Other People was concerned. I was absurdly silly and flirty otherwise. It is amazing, the things I will do when I feel that it's at least partly my responsibility to get the party started.

s00j herself was in fine fettle; we heard the Wendy Trilogy (of course; it was a pirate-themed show) and Seafaring Satyr, as well as Shipful of Monsters, Alligator in the House, and Taglio!, which we'd heard Friday also. Non-gypsy, non-pirate, but circus - we heard Carousel, which was a partial inspiration for yesterday's Wind Tunnel Dream, that and Snake Star Song and, of course, Alligator in the House.

I know I babble about s00j a whole bunch. But she's incredible. Her storytelling gift, her energy - really, seriously, if she's playing near you, you gotta go.

Speaking of which...

Orphan's Tales Reading/Concert/Art Show
Pandemonium Books. 7 to 10 PM. December 1 (that's this Saturday). catvalente reads from her gorgeous, lyrical Tiptree-award-winning and World Fantasy-awrd-nominated Orphan's Tales series. s00j performs songs inspired by catvalente's stories. And there shall also be art inspired by the Orphan's Tales series... including pieces by kythryne of Wyrding Studios, rosefox, ktempest, and, most thrilling of all, my beautiful and talented daughter, Elayna.

And it's free!

You should go.

Further Orphan's Tales celebrations: Philadelphia on Sunday, New York on Tuesday. *nods*

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Five to go. I committed poetry over the weekend.

Amount raised so far: $974.50.

I was aiming for $300 on this. This is wild and wonderful! I can actually get to $1,000. Maybe today. If I can get to $1,136, that covers Max's procedure; over that, I'll actually be in the black. *bounce*

Thanks to new sponsors tewok, dhanwati, eustaciavye, and brujah, and the crazy-lovely people who *keep* sponsoring me - emilytheslayer, seabream, haikujaguar, and s00j!

Daily Science
Seed Magazine cribsheet: Genetics!

Daily BPAL

La Befana: Candy charcoal, winter lilies, parma violet, a sprig of cypress, a poof of chimney dust, and holiday sweets.
In bottle: Thick and candy-sweet.
On me: Like sugar syrup and candy. Too sweet for me, but Elayna will probably love it.

The Shivering Boy: The scent of frozen, dormant vineyards, bitter sleet, and piercing ozone, hurled through labdanum, benzoin, and olibanum.
In bottle: I swear there are trees beneath this cold...
On me: And there's the lovely labdandum - but it's coming through a chemical "cold" scent. :(

November: Autumn leaves damp beneath the first snowfall.
In bottle: Dead leaves on the dirty ground...
On me: ...with some soil there, too. Not bad.

* Gwyn has a massage at 11, then I'm bringing The Redheads to Zaftig's.
* Wind Tunnel Dreams will probably be and afternoon thing unless it pops out very suddenly before I have to get on the road.
* Spooky needs to be at the airport 'round 5:30. Can anyone get her there?
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