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Weekendish things

Slow lazy day, culminating in glory - the s00j concert was amazing. We packed as many people into my house as could reasonably fit, and then some - but we all liked each other, and so did not mind the close quarters. s00j rocked the house, then sang us off to rest. Her continuation of Tam Lin is fabulous - I hope we got a good copy of that on video for tamnonlinear!

The "in the pit with the snakes" bit of today's Wind Tunnel Dream? Entirely her fault. :)

Another slow lazy day. The Redheads are on vacation and so sleep til noon; Adam and I have been pushing our bodies and so feel dragged out. Sore throats and wheeziness prevent us from going out and partying, especially with the knowledge that strep is going around... I'm already feeling a bit bleh, physically, and strep would flatten me. We stay in, eat toast and waffles, and watch 300 and Torchwood and CSI (much love for Hodges!).

Also? I accidentally committed poetry.

Well, The Redheads are awake and half of them are showered. Gwyn and I are snuggled on the couch with the computers and the comfy blanket, Adam's reading a magazine, Elayna's reading a book, and Spooky is hot, wet, and naked (in the shower). Plans for today? Going to the s00j Pirate Show, with the Scallywags and pirate burlesque(!). We must return her alligator hat. *nod* I have written today's Wind Tunnel Dream (combine four writing prompts, s00j's music, BPAL's Carnaval Diabolique, and the memory of the harpy from The Last Unicorn and shake vigorously!). Coming into the final stretch. Five more.

Tomorrow, I shall bring the Redheads to Zaftig's; in the evening, Spooky leaves (could use a ride). Tuesday morning, Gwyn leaves. And I will miss them like whoa.
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