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Random life bits

* Max is doing well. He's being verra snuggly this morning. Both him and Jack, really - typical after me spending a night away. They're used to snuggling with me at night.

* Gwyn is still sleeping - I think Diesel really tested her activity level yesterday. :(

* I'm practicing The Rape Speech at a crisis center meeting on Monday. Which means I have to write and polish it this weekend. Volunteers to listen welcome. The big day, my first speaking engagement, is a Take Back the Night rally a week from tomorrow. I'm nervous. (That is an understatement.) I've done public speaking, but mostly about comics and blogging. I've never stood up and told something so personal to a room or quad full of people.

* Spooky will be here! That was in question til yesterday.

* Thanksgiving - I'm doing turkey, mushroom stuffing, sweet potatoes, steamed green beans, rolls, and cranberry sauce; stuffed mushrooms and molasses cookies; pumpkin pie and chocolate bourbon cake. Other people are bringing a salad, glazed carrots, apple-quince pie and "some kind of vegetable side dish", mashed potatoes, an unspecified mushroom dish, and who knows what else? If anyone is still wondering what to bring, a corn dish would not be amiss; Gwyn likes corn. Either way, we will not go hungry. If you have musical instruments, bring them. :)

* s00j concert - if you RSVPed, you got an e-mail from me this morning. If you intend to come and didn't get an e-mail from me, please let me know!

* I need to start the cleaning and clearing today. If I don't, it'll be a mad last-minute rush and everything will get stuffed in my office again, and then I'll spend the next month sorting crap out again.

* I bought my return-from-Florida ticket. Was tossing around a lot of post-Christmas ideas and destinations, but what it ultimately came down to was that flying back with Adam was $100, and flying back any time from then to December 5 was $300. So. No writing retreat for 'song. *shrug* Can't have it all.

* I would like to remember what it's like to not be sick all the time, and to not react to new physical issues with the deer-in-the-headlights reflex.

* Wind Tunnel Dreams is teaching me a hell of a lot about how I write - my reflexes, my mental defaults. Every day I challenge them, and I'm fascinated by the process and by the variety of directions my writerbrain's spinning in. Lots of analysis. Expect a big post about this at the end of the month. (This may interest no one but me, but hey - my LJ!)

* My cat is being cute. I must snuggle him now.
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