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At this point, I have more writing prompts from paid sponsors than I have days left in November. And I promised I'd use prompts from every sponsor.

*puts on thinking cap*

My first idea is to write something from each sponsor's prompt, e-mail it to that sponsor, and include it in the chapbook - thereby giving people who buy the chapbook a bunch of brand-new material.

Second idea, to post it on a sponsors-only LJ community.

I *will* write a piece from each sponsor's prompt, no matter what.

In other news... I want the house to be cleaner than it is. (Because, y'know... Gwyn.) But my pain level's at a 6 and flickering higher, and I want to be functional this late-afternoon and evening. (Because, y'know... Gwyn.) *fretful sigh*

In other news - dude, I am not getting my cousins anything to do with sex. I accept the fact that they're probably not virgins. But I've known these kids since they were kids, and it would just not be appropriate. Also? Ew.
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