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Max is home!

Last post about Max today, I promise! But I know some of you are following his progress. So.

Max is home. *deep sigh of relief*

Seven teeth had to go. I nearly cried looking at the erosion on his X-rays... my poor Max...

Four medications. Erythromycin for his eye (it got red and weepy, which may be just a reaction to all of the other stuff). Buprenex for pain. Metacam for inflammation. Clavamox to ward off infection.

He's kinda wobbly, but he's been anesthetized all day. So.

He is being verra affectionate. Good hard head-butts and rubs. He's purring when I hold him. (Except when I had to give him Buprenex. He did not like that.)

Such deep relief. My boy's okay.

He'll go in in ten days for a followup.

And... $1,131. *wince* I gave them the $700 I've raised with Wind Tunnel Dreams so far, and postdated checks for the rest. Will come in and pay them earlier if I get more monies for Wind Tunnel Dreams. (That's a total of $1,631, counting the $500 in testing he's had over the past two months to make sure this wasn't a thyroid or cancer issue. You know I love this cat.)

I'm going to go hug my cat now.
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