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Apparently, when stressed, I wrap $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts.

*looks around office*


*sigh* Ah well. Technique is irrelevant. Only gift is relevant. Have wrapped gifts for Elayna, Adam, Gwyn, feste_sylvain and his daughters... I'm stuck on Spooky's. I have no idea how best to wrap her giftage.

'k. Jump to my family. Mom and my sister both get Wyrding Studios pendants - easy to wrap. Grandma's is wrapped. Dad's getting Steve Martin DVDs - easy to wrap. And then I can mail that box. Adam's mom's gift pretty much came prewrapped.

EDIT: And I just scored two pretty and affordable Wyrding Studios pieces for my birthmom and aunt.


I can call soon to find out when I can pick my Max up. When I get him home, we will snuggle and nap together.

EDIT: Called. Max is awake and doing fine, requesting attention - and getting it - from the vet techs. Aw. He's a ladies' man, my Max. I can get him at 4:15.

*sigh of relief*
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