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Happy early birthday to jasmine_koran and dandelion_diva, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Same, plus achiness from yesterday's heavy activity. Had trouble holding Max this morning, and he's *not* that heavy...

He is at the vet. They're doing the procedure this morning. I should know how he's doing by lunchtime, and I'll get to pick him up between 3 and 5, after the anesthesia wears off.

If you could spare a moment and pray/think good thoughts/whatever for my Max, that would be great. I love my kittyboy.

Waiting sucks.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thank you, new sponsors texmorgan and pkthunder!

I've made enough to cover the cost of Max's work. Even if it hits the maximum of $700. *sags in sheer relief* Next up, paying the $500 his previous work cost me. Credit cards - *wince*

This chapbook will definitely be dedicated to Max.

Thoughts on how this is going, creatively? I stand now at the midpoint. I just have to keep this up for another 15 days, another 15 fragments of story.

Thanksgiving prep
Adam's convinced me to cut one green and one orange veggie from my Thanksgiving menu. *whimper* I *want* to cook everything! But Adam wants me less busy and therefore less likely to collapse.

Dear 'song: You are not capable of doing the sorts of things you used to be able to do. However, you have good friends who want to help. So let them. Love, 'song.

Ordered a turkey from Whole Foods; it'll be all herbed up and ready to shove in the oven. Doing crescent rolls, green beans with chevre, cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes, mushroom stuffing, and whatever else Adam lets me get away with. Elayna's doing pumpkin pie for dessert, and I'm doing the infamous chocolate bourbon cake.

s00j and K. are bringing drums and guitars (and her amazing voice); slipjig and rafaela are bringing a guitar and a dulcimer (anything else, guys?) (I look forward to a performance of "88 Lines About 44 Fangirls"!). I have five drums and a bunch of things that can be happily shaken. Drum circle/jam session/whatever will follow dinner and the traditional during-dinner viewing of Princess Bride. (You have your traditions, I have mine.)

My thanksgiving is made of awesome.

Speaking of awesome...
Read this.

Daily Science
The placenta acts like a parasite to avoid attack by a mother's immune system, researchers have discovered.

A University of Reading team found it employs a cloaking device very similar to that used by parasitic worms.

They hope the finding will aid a greater understanding of recurrent miscarriages, and the potentially dangerous condition pre-eclampsia.

Mimicking this method of avoiding immune rejection may also provide ways to tackle conditions like arthritis.

'Round-the-house stuff. Maybe today's the day I get started on wrapping $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts...
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