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Does Shadesong have to choke a bitch?

My day so far:

Wake up. Shower. Haul trash downstairs (5 loads).

Go to library, where they do not have my requested book on the hold shelf, despite their e-mail to the contrary. Got a walking tour of all of the places in the library where the librarians stash books they're too lazy or undercaffeinated to shelve properly. Still no book; librarian says she'll call me when they find it.

Long line at post office. Got asshole postal dude instead of Bendis lookalike postal dude. Only one person in line ahead of me at the bank, but the (only) teller was incompetent, so that took forbloodyever.

Got rained on on the way home.

Grocery-store pharmacy! I get ignored for seven full minutes. When they finally decided they felt like pretending to do their jobs, they only had three of the five prescriptions ready. (This is an hour and a half after the guaranteed-ready time. I don't know what the guarantee is.) One, "the shipment just got in and we're looking for it." One, the doctor's office never called it in. They call the doctor. I do grocery shopping.

I hate grocery shopping.

Finish shopping, go back for prescriptions. Pharmacist tries to give me someone else's medicine. I point this out. She spends five minutes searching for *my* medicine. Finally finds it.

I haul groceries upstairs. Not fun.

I search for the pumpkin muffin Adam brought me last night. Find it. Slice it.

My muffin lacks cohesiveness. (See also: My food is problematic.)

I eat pumpkin-muffin crumbs, take the meds I should've taken at 8 AM, field two phone calls; as soon as I hit "submit" on this, I'm running out to Elayna's parent-teacher conference, then to my neurologist appointment.

But seriously. Is this National Don't Feel Like Doing My Fucking Job day? Did I not get the memo on that? Because *my* job is the writing and editing, and I'd kinda like to get to that today, please.

EDIT: Conference - no surprises; she's getting Bs but would be getting straight As if she would just turn in her damn homework. Neuro - fine neurologically, but he wants me to see my primary care doc about the mounting reflux issue. Made appointment with primary care doc for tomorrow. Got home to a call from library; they have my book. Went to library. Home now.
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