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Happy birthday to besideserato, galdrin, kitteridge, and sunspiral!

IBS or tummy bug? Don't know. But I don't feel well, and I've been feeling unwell, and I'm getting pretty sick of it. No pun intended.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thanks to sponsors Sarah Y., elvie, lordlnyc, emilytheslayer, sylverice2, and phinnia!

I realized that I was holding back with yesterday's entry. There was a whole lot of creepy that didn't make it in. Because I didn't want you guys to run screaming from my dark and messy brain.

Should've put it in. Will when I expand it.

If you do not respond to the eVite, you do not get turkey. Size of turkey is predicated upon headcount. Size of turkey must be finalized by this weekend.

s00j concert
This will be a Fans with Cans event, too! Please bring your spare canned food to be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Daily Science
Nanohedron - pictures of really tiny things.

Post office, bank, library, grocery store, parent-teacher conference, neurologist, falldowngoboom.
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