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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to kyburg!

Hello to new readers demongamer, dulcinbradbury, thebigfatman, tonithegreat, and ysabetwordsmith!

Gut is still meh. Deep-muscle aches, but not too bad.

Chronic pain is a family problem. When people experience unrelenting pain, everyone they live with and love is likely to suffer. The frustration, anxiety, stress and depression that often go with chronic pain can also afflict family members and friends who feel helpless to provide relief.

That's a sequel to this.

Oi! Locals!
* Need to ride to/from the airport on Saturday afternoon to pick up gwynraven - anyone available?
* Need to practice telling the highly-compressed story of my rape. I practice in front of the medical-advocacy group on Monday, then it's straight to the Take Back the Night rally on the 29th. If you're local and can spare some time to listen to something fairly grueling and give me advice on how I'm telling it... that would be muchly appreciated. (I know some of you nonlocals are willing, but what I need practice on is not just telling it, but Telling it face-to-face and dealing with reactions.)

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thanks to new sponsors goddessfarmer, Lorene T., Maya J., dulcinbradbury, and Sarah C.! (Note: If you're going to give me a prompt, please note your LJ name in the payment so I know it's yours. :) )

Daily Science
People who have the common chronic pain condition fibromyalgia often report that they don’t respond to the types of medication that relieve other people’s pain. New research from the University of Michigan Health System helps to explain why that might be: Patients with fibromyalgia were found to have reduced binding ability of a type of receptor in the brain that is the target of opioid painkiller drugs such as morphine.

The study included positron emission tomography (PET) scans of the brains of patients with fibromyalgia, and of an equal number of sex- and age-matched people without the often-debilitating condition. Results showed that the fibromyalgia patients had reduced mu-opioid receptor (MOR) availability within regions of the brain that normally process and dampen pain signals – specifically, the nucleus accumbens, the anterior cingulate and the amygdala.

* Wind Tunnel Dreams!
* Pack and mail sold BPAL
* Hang out with s00j this morning
* Editing gig
* Finalize Thanksgiving menu
* Get Elayna to write her charity plea for this year
* Finish the summer/winter closet changeover
* Buy return tickets from Florida
* Date with feste_sylvain
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