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Afternoon miscellany

* Mail call - got the original painting of the map of Shayara. haikujaguar, it is *gorgeous*. *beams* Also got the deposit for editing from cbpotts. *salute*

* *falls over* Holy crap. Thanks to one particular sponsor, I have achieved my Wind Tunnel Dreams financial goal. And then some. Holy crap. *falls over again* I am... almost at $500 now, thanks to that and all of the other donations.

* Now that I have monies, I've made Max's appointment. He's going in for his periodontal work next week. (New readers: Max is my cat, pictured in today's story's icon.) Hopefully I'll now have that covered; the doctor's going to call me with an estimate.

* And I just got the call. It's a base price of $327 for the cleaning, anesthesia, monitor, and IV fluids. If he needs X-rays, that could be up to $80; extractions could run up to a maximum of $300. So, y'know, $700 if he's in bad shape. Holy crap. My poor Max.... *sigh* We'll hope for the best. We'll manage. *hugs the kitty*

* All of my doctors close for lunch from noon to two, apparently. Which is vexing, because I need refills on four of my prescriptions. *drums fingernails on desk* *watches clock*

* I need to finalize my Thanksgiving menu today so my guests can plan what they're bringing (red wine is always good) and so I can go grocery shopping on payday. I need to remember that I do not have to cook *everything*. (I also need to remember to make the chocolate bourbon cake a day ahead.)


EDIT: I'd like a Wind Tunnel Dreams icon, if anyone feels like making one. Also, at least two people have felt creatively inspired by "pearls and opals"... if you feel like drawing/making something inspired by one of my storybits, I'd love to see it!
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