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Tew's Day

Blech. It's a grey, rainy day, and I feel it in my hips and fingers...

Apex Digest needs YOU!
I want to increase our per word pay rate. To do this, we need more subscribers.

Here are the goals.

1) If we can get 100 new subscriptions in the month of November, I can raise the new rate to 2.5 cents per word.

2) If we can get 200 new subscriptions in the month of November, I can raise the new rate to 3.0 cents per word.

3) If we can get 500 new subscriptions in the month of November, I can raise the new rate to 5.0 cents per word. According to SFWA and the HWA, that's professional rate level! We would LOVE to be a professional market.

Click the link for more details. List me as a referrer if you buy a subscription! And, y'know, if you wanted to get me a gift subscription, that would be cool too. Support small genre markets!

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Note to all: Please leave your writing prompts here and nowhere else... that's six scattered by well-meaning readers around random posts now, and I really need to have them all in one place. Or I'll forget that they're there. And you'll be sad.

Thanks to new sponsors solcita, ringrrl416, and jnanacandra!

And thanks to all who comment. This is a very new sort of project for me, so I'm really winging it here, and comments are a big help. :)

In her amazing pimpage this morning, haikujaguar pointed out that these shards are all idea-based, and that's something I hadn't thought of. I'm accustomed to getting to know my characters and seeing where they take me. There are Ideas in Shayara, of course - but everything comes from the characters. This may be part of why this feels so foreign. I don't have time to get to know these characters. They pass through my hands, new ones every day, and I don't have time to work the way I usually do.

Link Soup
* The Nerd Handbook. Yeah, I see bits of myself and Adam in there. Someone needs to write a handbook for dual-geek relationships!
* The tradition of midrash... and its parallels to fanfic.. Seriously thought-provoking read.

Daily Science
Teruo Fujii and his colleagues have invented a plastic chip-like incubator that nurtures early embryos like a real womb does. Currently, IVF eggs mature while resting on the floor of a petri dish, a very unwomb-like environment. "We wanted to culture embryos in an environment that is closer to what happens inside the body," Fujii says.

The team's research began with mice, but in March, they graduated to human embryos. While they have yet to implant any of the human embryos, results from the rodent experiments are promising: The team has successfully incubated up to 88 percent of early embryos.

This feels like a Monday! How frustrating. Well, I'll likely go to Diesel tonight. I need to pack up BPAL, but I'll mail it tomorrow when it's not raining. I need an unwinding day. (And s00j might play hooky and come hang out.)
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