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I'm calling Bob's power right here and now. EDIT: Foo, Ardie's right. Seen it. Still leaving my theory up. In case it's a secondary mutation.

There is also other spoiler-type stuff under here.

Bob's power = recognizing power in others. Whether it's just a matter of knowing that they *have* a power or knowing exactly what it is. That or triggering latent powers. Notice the look he gave Monica as they passed each other on his way to see Niki at DL's wake? She didn't even know she had powers yet. (Maybe she didn't.) And either way, want to bet he was the one who pulled the previous generation together, helped them find each other?

* Okay, so what was the point of DL not-dying Four Months Ago, only to die Two Months Ago? Bueller? Seriously.
* I do have a bit more sympathy for Elle after this episode. Yeah, the sort of childhood she described can fuck a girl up. But if Peter was manipulating her sexually? He kinda deserves whatever she eventually does to him. (Still sucks for Boring Irish Guy, though.)
* Well, that explains the scarred-in-the-mirror-Nathan thing, anyway.
* Speaking of Nathan, was that the pub he was walking up to at the end? If so, does that mean he's the someone-else Bob was sending? The whole Ireland plotline has been so boring that I haven't retained much information from it.

EDIT: One thing that could've been interesting, that they're clearly not going with now that Peter's got his memory back - when they first told Peter a blonde girl was looking for him, and when it later became clear that said blonde girl had killed Boring Irish Guy -

Were I the writers? I'd've had him assume that was Claire, from his eventual memory-flashes of her.

That would have been interesting.

I still hate Maya and Alejandro. Lots. They suck up time on this show that should properly be devoted to, well, anyone but Maya and Alejandro.
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