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I'm staring at my schedule and whimpering again.


Thing is, I want to see everyone I have plans to see. But I also need downtime.

These are not compatible goals.

Also? I'm looking at a second week in a row of not having my scheduled writing time or having it shifted all around due to factors beyond my control. And that should change... hm. Well, the big thing next week is that gwynraven will be in town. But she's a low-impact houseguest, so I can sit her down with a book and go have my writing time. And then we can have tea. (We like tea.) So I should maybe get three days next week where I can get writing time/downtime in. Then Thanksgiving, then the s00j concert...

Looking at my schedule right now, I have this Friday free, then nothing til November 28. And I'm not too sure about this Friday.

In related news, the aquarium today was fun-but-draining-but-fun. And I crashed for a few hours afterward, while the girls decorated sugar skulls (photos to be uploaded later).

I s'pose I'm posting this at least in part because my LJ has been all morning posts and Wind Tunnel Dreams lately, and I wanted to set out that it's not that I'm not posting about my life, it's that my life has been all "commitment doctor doctor commitment windtunneldreams nap". Which should slow down. In December. I think.

Next week, since I have way fewer out-of-the-house plans, I need to sit down and get Katrina's story started, as that's the kickoff to the Shayara site.
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