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Pain levels are fine, save for that upper-back thing. *crosses fingers* Reflux is evil, though. And I had a bit of trouble walking yesterday.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thank you, new sponsors siliconshaman, ydnic, Jay T., thisdaydreamer, sarapada, vampry, never1eighty, hippogryph, and Stefanie M., (EDIT: and zarhooie!) and recurring sponsors haikujaguar, s00j, kythryne, and seabream! I'm up to $146.50. Goal is $300 - $10 per story. So far, this experiment is going very well indeed. Sponsors, please remember that you cangive me writing prompts, and I *have* to use them. ;) "Pearls and opals" was a sponsored prompt - thanks, haikujaguar!

A note that Adam doesn't think I've put out there yet - when you see something appear late in the day, it isn't because I've been poking at it all day and polishing it. It's because I couldn't get to the computer til late. In the case of yesterday, it was a combination of being out and about with zarhooie all day, then napping past sunset, then sitting bolt upright on the couch as Adam and I were watching Torchwood and saying "Crap, I haven't written yet today!" And then I dart into the office, scan the prompts, grab one, and start typing.

I haven't timed myself, but I think the maximum time I've spent between grabbing the prompt and hitting "post" is 15-20 minutes; I think I average about 10. The only editing I do is a basic proof for obvious typos and tense changes (I'm bad about the tense changes on these, since sometimes the story I thought I was telling changes partway through). I'll give a proper edit in December.

I'm really enjoying this. The intent here is for something like "imagination yoga", as I put it last night - stretching the imagination into new places, presenting a daily challenge. And, y'know, seeing if making money this way is viable. So far, it seems to be. I can't make a living just off writing on the web and slapping up a PayPal button, but for what it is, I'm doing pretty well.

And for those who are like "enough already!", don't worry, these won't be hitting your friendspage forever. 30 days. After that? Who knows?

Link Soup
* 300/The Simpsons
* Brainland. (Note Serenity Valley.)
* Jones Soda holiday packs!
* Cookie Puss: the inside story.

Daily Science
Food-chain fossil. Kinda like a prehistoric turducken.

Daily BPAL

Snow Moon: A scent of purity and silence, soft with falling snow, as dark as Midwinter: an icy flurry over the winter blooms of narcissus, pansy crocus, dahlia, tulip, chrysanthemum and white rose, with a hint of fir and birch.
In bottle: Snow/cold note and fir.
On me: Same. It's okay.

The Masque: Honey and carnation, rich incense and rose accord, myrtle, red sandalwood, amber, jonquil and clove propel you through the revel, finally seating itself in the final, patchouli, tobacco and labdanum drenched darkness of the blood-tinged western chamber.
In bottle: Hi, patchouli!
On me: Patchouli and incense.

In bottle: Something very sweet. Some lotus?
On me: Definitely candy-sweet lotus. Some other floral, too - a non-obnoxious one.

Panacea: Quietude: Peace, serenity, tranquility, silence.
In bottle: Lavender.
On me: Lavender... and lemon. Ech!

No school today, so Elayna and I are going to the aquarium with feste_sylvain and his daughters.
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