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Happy Diwali!

Happy birthday to joemorf!

(November is remarkably sparse for birthdays.)

Reflux and nausea have been pretty bad lately. Feh. Pain, not so much. (Which is good, because I have a date today.)

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thank you, sponsors haikujaguar and Kelly S.! 9 days in, I've made $48 so far. Again, the goal is $300 - $10 per story.

And yes, some of these are itching to be full-length stories - but not until the end of the month. And I might just be selling a chapbook of 'em, with writer commentary and, if any artists are interested, some illustrations. If I make my goal.

Those of you who've been following 'em - what's your favorite so far?

Daily Science
Is the way we raise our food giving us MRSA? The antibiotics fed to the farm animals we eat may have helped to create superbugs like the drug-resistant staph bacteria known as MRSA.

Daily BPAL

El Dia de Reyes: Hot cocoa with cinnamon, coffee, and brown sugar.
In bottle: Ooooh, chocolate coffee.
On me: Mmmmm. The brown sugar rises. So sweet, with just a little dusting of cinnamon, and the cocoa and the coffee and hi, I'm in love.

Salamander: (The Elemental collection: Fire)
In bottle: Hm. Dragon's blood. Spice?
On me: Mostly dragon's blood. :( Something mildly astringent, too.

* Writing for Wind Tunnel Dreams
* Packing recently-sold BPAL
* Date day with feste_sylvain!
* persis's party tonight.

Friday memeage!
Wearing: Flannel penguin pajamas.
Reading: Cooked: From the Streets to the Stove, from Cocaine to Foie Gras, by Jeff Henderson. Just finished The Sons of Heaven - the final book in Kage Baker's Company series. She did pull it out in the end. (I love Victor, Joseph, Lewis...) I just hate what she did to Mendoza in the penultimate novel (there was a short-story collection between). Overall, I think the series needed to be about two books shorter. But high marks on the whole.
Planning: See above for today. Tomorrow, I'm going to be kythryne's Lovely Assistant at emilytheslayer's Wyrding Studios (formerly Wearable Sculpture) house party. Sunday, nothing, thank goodness. I think I'm going to keep up this trend of planless Sundays.
And next week I want to plan time with ariesd and lightcastle, both blessedly available during the day...

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