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Odin's Day

Happy anniversary to mizarchivist and quiet_elegance!

Hello to new reader miss_isis_uk! (I'm so glad you liked your switch witch package!)

Variable ouch. *stretch*

This is a very good article on chronic pain. First in a series, apparently.

I am perpetually torn, an extroverted introvert, a girl who needs to rest but has too much to do... was scheduled for Stuff every day this week. Have unscheduled myself for today, because I *need* a break.

slipjig gives us "88 Lines about 44 Fangirls".

Daily Science
...the news conference on 55 Cancri is ongoing, the news from this system more and more interesting now that another planet, the fifth, has been discovered. This is the first system found with this many planets, although the assumption is there will be many, many others. But 55 Cancri, some 41 light years away in the constellation Cancer, bears some resemblances to our own Solar System. The farthest planet from the star is a gas giant about four times Jupiter’s mass orbiting every 14 years, which is not dissimilar to Jupiter’s 12-year orbit.

The new planet, discovered with data from Lick Observatory and the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, shows about 45 Earth masses (half the mass of Saturn) and orbits the star every 260 days. Interestingly enough, this fourth planet out from 55 Cancri lies in the system’s habitable zone, as shown in this slick animation. So here we go with the ‘habitable moons around giant planets’ discussion again, the assumption being that a large enough moon around this planet could retain liquid water and perhaps become a home to some form of life. The question is even more interesting given that the planets in this system, like those in ours, move in relatively circular orbits.

Daily BPAL

Sugar-slathered Candied Apple -- With a dollop of caramel!
In bottle: Warm apples? Apple cider?
On me: The quintessential apple. Seriously. Even the skin.

Spiked Punch -- Chunky fruit punch with a generous splash of booze!
In bottle: Just nasty. I'm not putting this on.

TP'd Trees! -- Cypress, oak, and pine covered in 2-ply!
In bottle: Mostly paper.
On me: Toilet paper. Perfectly toilet-paper, mind. But if I ever want to smell like this, I can just rub some Charmin on my wrists.

Pumpkin Smash! -- Pumpkin pulp, beeswax candles, smoke, asphalt, and beer!
In bottle: Pumpkin and the sweetness of beeswax.
On me: The pumpkin fades in favor of smoke. Smoke and asphalt, and only the tiniest wisp of pumpkin. :(

This is my winding-down day. Writing, editing, reading; Curves later, when it's warmer. Some random crap from my to-do list.
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