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Tew's Day

It doesn't feel like Tuesday. Hrm.

Need to find some way to get rid of the shoulder/upper back pain.

Oi, Bostonians!
I know where to donate gently used toys (Solutions at Work - anyone wanna give me a ride there sometime soon?), but I have some shrink-wrapped brand-spankin'-new stuff to donate, too, and I know that, at least down south, there are specific charities that specifically need brand-new stuff. Where do I donate these things up here?

EDIT: This list seems comprehensive. Anyone on this list shady (besides United Way and Salvation Army)? And anyone want to volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank with me?

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Thank you to new sponsors Carlos R, s00j, kythryne, and recurring sponsor seabream! Remember, if you give me monies, I *have* to use at least one of your prompts. :)

Daily Science
Fantastic article by Michio Kaku. Go. Read.

Daily BPAL

Channukiyah: Olive oil, beeswax, glowing amber, sweet sufganiyot, pomegranate, and fig.
In bottle: Sweet fruit, slick olive oil, and *honey*...
On me: Bakery with olive oil and honey. Thick and warm and sweet and gorgeous.

Diwali: Lotus root, mogra, mango, tamarind, cardamom, clove, almond milk, cashew, rice flower, coconut, supari, raisins, and incense crafted from aloeswood, red sandalwood, cedar, and spikenard.
In bottle: Too many notes for my nose to sort out.
On me: Jumble of mild fruit, cardamom, and almond milk. Some sandalwood. I think it's a few too many things at once to really work on me.

Gingerbread Poppet: Warm, cozy gingerbread spiced with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.
In bottle: Mmmmm. Yes, it is.
On me: Ohhhh, yes. Mmmm. This is like Shub without the freakin' lemon. This is winter baking. I smell like my molasses ginger cookies!

The Snow Storm: Winter aconite, balsam fir, cedar leaf, and white mint.
In bottle: Fir and aconite.
On me: Cedar emerges to mingle with the fir, with the tiniest afterscent of mint. This doesn't smell like a snowstorm to me - it smells like the forest afterward, the crunch of boots on snow.

* Vote!
* Write!
* Hang out with s00j!
* Diesel!
* feste_sylvain!
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