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Hello to new reader slyvie and returning reader tdarling!

Haven't been sleeping well lately, and have that knot of pain up around my shoulders; the latter's a cold-weather thing. Otherwise okay, though.

Out of phone contact
Not that phone's a preferred method of communication anyway, but - am housesitting for marmota and eustaciavye for the day, so they can get their new dryer delivered. (Rent a Shadesong for your next "Dammit, can't take the day off work to deal with this crap!" occasion!) So. E-mail.

Daily Science
People who study visual search have found anecdotally that just "relaxing" and looking for objects based on "gut instinct" can often be more effective than actively directing attention to a search. Jeremy Wolfe calls this "relax" strategy "using the force." You can try it out.

Daily BPAL
Not testing any, because I don't have them with me. But.

Am planning to sell Egg'd Mailbox and Marshmallow Poof, and possibly Crypt Queen. eBay says I can get $70+ for Egg'd Mailbox, $80+ for Marshmallow Poof, and about $40-$70 for Crypt Queen (which is a weird spread, but I lack the time to investigate).

I know some of you are interested. Care to make me an offer? (I am all for everyone getting to try these scents, and I may sell off my decants later, which would give you a chance to smell them affordably - but this is for the impending vet bill (Max's periodontal surgery). Gotta put the cat first.) If no offers in the neighborhood of eBay prices are received, I'll put them on eBay, but I wanted to give y'all a chance first.

* Shower
* Wind Tunnel Dreams
* Editing (cbpotts, I'll edit for an hour to see how much I get done in an hour, then e-mail you an estimate,'k?)
* Seizure Lass

Yoga and reading will be alternated in there, too. But. Is good to have a distraction-free day to work. At home I tend to feel guilty because I haven't done my filing/wrapped gifts/reorganized my closet/listed collectible Barbies on eBay (anyone want collectible Barbies?)...

Right, then. Shower.
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