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Happy birthday to malinaldarose and persis!

That hip is still giving me trouble. *glower*

Doesn't everyone do this?

Wearable Sculpture/Wyrding Studios
They changed their name, they added a shiny new subscription, and they're having a huge sale. Ach, my eyes are bigger than my wallet! I made enough from selling BPAL to afford a few things though - this will go with my autumn colors, this I've had my eye on since it hit the site months ago, and this is so very Elayna.

Still have my eye on this, this, this, this, this, and this. *wistful sigh* But I'm getting a piece in that last series soon. Barter economy = teh r0xx0r.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
30 minifictions in 30 days. Why the name? As a teenager, I wrote a series of interlocking stories called "Tree Frog Dreams", and intended to write a second called "Wind Tunnel Dreams", but never did, because Shayara jumped into my head. So.

PayPal button is there so if you get moved to help support a starving artist writer, you can. I have now set a goal: I'd like to raise $300. That's just $10 per story. $300 toward the credit card bill, toward groceries, toward Boskone membership. (Not shinies, not BPAL.) That would be nice.

So read. Enjoy. Throw in a few bucks. Maybe I'll post embarrassing teen poetry if I make the goal. Unless someone thinks of a better incentive.

Daily Science
Taking up the sci-fi staple of "tractor beams,'' scientists have developed a way to use light to grab and move minuscule particles on a microchip. The research could lead to fine-grained biological sensors and other precisely built nanoscale devices.

Daily BPAL

Lenore: A dark and bellicose scent that speaks of loss, lament, bitterness and breast-beating woe: thick black vetiver, sharp white musk and lemon peel, smoke and saffron, patchouli, thyme and black plum.
In bottle: The darkness of vetiver and patchouli, the brightness of white musk and thyme.
On me: Vetiver and smoke and musk. Sadly, no plum or saffron.

Usher: This is Roderick Usher: a faded genteel light musk and fougere, heightened by hectic white mint, gleaming mandarin, ethereal tea leaf and gritty blackcurrant brushed by the scent of the tarn that surrounds the House, and the gloom and decay of the walls that hold him.
In bottle: Huh. Mint tea and currant.
On me: Nice. Subtle mint tea and musk. This works well.

Queen of Clubs: A modern incarnation of the Queen of Pentacles, or Disks, the Queen of the Thrones of Earth. Nurturing, warm and kind, she is practical, quiet and domesticated, and yet still ambitious, and possessed of the sensual lushness of Mother Earth. Soft, deep earth notes with myrrh, amber, pomegranate, dark incense, red currant, rose and vanilla.
In bottle: Ooooh. Fruit and myrrh.
On me: Plasticky. *cry* I think it's the red currant that does this.

Juju: Both a fearsome crossing and fiercely potent uncrossing blend, depending on your intent.
In bottle: Ugh. Jasmine?
On me: Paints my skin orange. And yep - jasmine. Feh.

Friday memage!
Wearing: Jeans and long-sleeved, ballet-necked soft blue shirt.
Reading: Axis, by Robert Charles Wilson; The Hazards of Space Travel: A Tourist's Guide by Neil F. Comins
Planning: Today's a day of writing, editing, and Sekrit Projecting, with a side trip to the library and post office. Tonight is theloriest's going-away dinner. :( Also a sleepover date with feste_sylvain. :) Tomorrow, a party in NH. Sunday, I may stop by a friend's potluck thingie if I'm not worn out. *nods*

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