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Sweepstakes site

I know a bunch of you (including my husband) are into sweepstakes... a friend of mine has a service that makes entering tons of sweepstakes easy. And way less risk of carpal tunnel.

She says: "My company is an automatic sweepstakes entry service. The deal is that people sign up and pay us money, and we enter them into sweepstakes. All they have to do is check their email/telephone/regular mail and respond if they win prizes. It's pretty neat, because some people win huge prizes - we just had someone win a car through our service last week! The cost ranges from about $12 a month if they sign up for a month to $71.76 if they sign up for a year. It's a good service - I've poured my heart and soul into it for four-odd years - and it's fun. We have a forum where people can talk about wins, and people can see the sweepstakes they've been entered into on a daily basis."

Click here to check it out!
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