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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to chris_walsh!

Owwww. Especially my shoulders and upper back, from hauling the Candy Backpack of D00m.

Today's linkage is all about TV.

Veronica Mars
Ah, what might have been... here's the beginning of Season 4. Damn the CW. *growl*. Part One/Part Two.

Heroes: Origins

And here's good news in TV -

New Joss Whedon show.

With Eliza Dushku.

Yep. :)

Daily Science
Devil's Revenge. Spontaneous Combustion. Hot sauces have names like those for a reason. Now scientists are testing whether the stuff that makes the sauces so savage can tame the pain of surgery.

Doctors are dripping capsaicin, the chemical that gives chili peppers their fire, directly into open wounds during some highly painful operations.

Daily Scent-stuff
Reviewing Cremoso Halloween decants. Not sure about the company's practices... but I ordered the decants before they were caught shilling on the BPAL forums. So.

Howling Forever: freshly-turned, damp dirt, heady oakmoss, amber, dark musk, salty ozonic air, white magnolia (like the moon!), dewy grass, sharp petitgrain, and smoky-sweet bergamot ... a very interesting, unisex blend that is super-earthy and complex
In bottle: Just getting the ozone.
On me: Just...ozone.

Sugar Skull Spice Cakes: the most bitter of dark chocolate, black pepper, a shake of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, deep sultry amber, the slightest lift of bergamot, and lots of the indescribable sugar cane ... smells at first sniff like Mexican Chocolate Cake, but much darker and deeper
In bottle: Lightly spiced chocolate.
On me: Amber, chocolate, spice. Nice, but I have Arcana's Dia de los Muertos for my spicy-chocolate needs...

Vampire Wedding Night: starchy-clean crisp attire, lace, white lilies, white cake with rich buttercream...melded with sharp, tart blackcurrant, drippy red cherry juices, and the sultry pomegranate ... this one is a trickster; you smell so many things at once but they meld into stark white and bright red in the mind...I adore the magic this one plays!
In bottle: Syrupy cherry with a kick of pomegranate.
On me: A hint of blackcurrant, but mostly cherry syrup.

Manna from Home: creamy pumpkin sprinkled with traditional pie-favourite spices, yeasty, honey bread in the oven, lots of brown sugar, oats, and rich fresh cream .... when I first created this, my nose and soul knew what I was doing, but my mind kept saying "TOO MUCH YEAST! TOO MUCH BREAD!" I kept fretting all night. When I woke up, gave the oil a blended to a gorgeous, creamy, very much "home" smell. I made myself one, as it's very comforting.
In bottle: Okay, this one's better. Bakery scent.
On me: Yep. Bakery scent. Not morphy. That's fine.

Overall, unimpressive.

* Pack and mail just-sold BPAL
* Write microfiction
* Sort, upload, and post Halloween photos
* Review editing job
* Yoga
* Sekrit Project
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