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Trick or Treat!

* Houses hit = unknown. A lot. Several dozen.
* People who asked Elayna if her sister (me) wanted candy = 8.
* People who asked Elayna if her mom (me) wanted candy = 1. (First time!)
* People who pushed candy on me telling me to put a little meat on my bones = 3.
* Times the buckets had to be emptied into my backpack = 4 (x2 buckets); we had to head back then because my backpack was 100% full.
* "Haunted houses" = 2
* Trick-or-treaters who made it to our house = 2. o.O
* Crappiest candy = Starlite Mints.
* Best candy = Full-size Mars bars and Kit-Kats; full bags of Swedish Fish.
* Crappiest costumes = teenagers in Red Sox t-shirts saying they were dressed as Sox players. Come on, y0.
* Most quintessentially Boston pumpkin = had "Red Sox" carved into it.

*stretch* Wow. I will be feelin' this in the morning.
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