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Odin's Day

Happy Halloween/Samhain!
Happy wedding day to kebechet and puddin666!
Happy birthday to rafaela!
Hello to new reader soloecal!

Ow, headache. Is the weather doing something funky today? Body's feeling okay, though.

I got a bunch of answers - and a bunch of people asking me to post the answers, because they want to know what to charge, too! So. Answers ranged from $20 to $60 per hour, with the majority of the responses being in the range of $25-$30. These sites were also pointed out. Hope that helps you, fellow editrixes - it helped me!

I forbid you maidens all... seriously.
In honor of the holiday and my favorite ballad, I give to you tamnonlinear's alternately-hilarious-and-chilling "Seven Things that Never Happened to Tam Lin". :) Also check out!

Bit of Beauty
Check out this gorgeous mask by themaskmaker.

Free Will Astrology
For Pisces: ""As a European in the movie industry," writes actor W. Morgan Sheppard, "I've learned to think in terms of questions (as in European films) rather than in terms of answers (as in American films). That's why I love this quote from the play 'Marat-Sade,' which I use when I'm teaching acting: 'For me the last word cannot ever be spoken. I am always left with a question that is open.'" I urge you to take your next assignment from these thoughts, Pisces. According to my reading of the astrological omens, answers are utterly useless to you in the coming days. Certainty is a sham. What you desperately need are ripe, rounded, provocative questions. "

And for everyone: "Since 1994, Mexico's Zapatistas have evolved from a small guerrilla army fighting for the rights of indigenous people to an international cultural force whose battles are mostly waged with symbols and words. The Zapatista leader, who goes by the pseudonym Subcomandante Marcos, always appears in public wearing a mask. Every 12 months or so, his old mask wears out and he has to replace it with a fresh one.

I think this would be a good standard for all of us to live up to: to molt our personas, or social masks, at least once a year. It's that time for you. "

Daily Science
Oliver Sacks on the power of music.

Daily BPAL
Not testing stuff today, as I'm just wearing Samhain all day, but - please check out my sale post! I could use the cash. And the desk space.

* Little ritual
* Clearing out my inbox
* Walking down to the hardware store for flux and solder
* Writing
* Trick-or-treating with Elayna and Coyote-chan, who'll be dressed as Elizabeth Swann and Captain Jack Sparrow, respectively!
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