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Skipping usual format today... I have a bunch of posts to make all in a row, and having the morning linkpost in would be Too Much...

Right, then.


We're a single-income family in an expensive city. We've been squeaking by on Adam's income alone, with me treating myself and others on the credit card a bit too much. Well. A lot too much. Partly because the fact that I'm not bringing in any money has been driving me a bit nuts. I like to be productive.

And my priest says, "You ain't savin' no souls"
My father says, "You ain't makin' any money"
My doctor says, "You just took it to the limit"
And here I stand
With this sword in my hand...

Ways to deal with this:

* If you're an area businessowner and need seasonal help? Dude, call me. If you know of anyone, ditto. I can do part-time work as long as it's reasonably T-accessible (buses count) and doesn't require heavy lifting/my being on my feet the whole time. I'm very willing to work around my physical limitations.
* If you need a writer/proofreader/copyeditor, ditto. (EDIT: Yes, I know about/am stalking CraigsList.)
* I seriously need to kickstart that disability application.


Inspired partly by Warren Ellis's new microfiction project, partly by haikujaguar'Aphorisms of Kherishdar, and partly by my need to kick my ass into writing -

During the month of November, I'll be writing a flash/microfiction every day.

(No, this doesn't count as NaNoWriMo, because I'm not swearing to 2K words a day, and it's not planned as one overarching story.)

The flash/mini/microfiction will be inspired by your writing prompts (hence the post yesterday requesting them). They will not all be Shayara-based, as the bits I post during Blogathon tend to be - actually, I will try to avoid drawing any of them from Shayara, as part of the point is to stretch my brain, pull it out of the comfort of a city and story I could write in my sleep.

I have a PayPal tip jar on my profile page, and I'll post a PayPal button with the daily story. Like what you read? Toss in some coffee money. Coffee money adds up.

Thank you. *curtsy*
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