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Happy birthday to kidzero!

The usual. Nothing dramatic.

Bit of Beauty
Nick Derington's The Stranger. First in a series, apparently. Shiny.

For Adam
Fried peanut butter & jelly sandwich. On a steek.

Link Soup
* The ten most terrifyingly inspirational '80s songs. But in all fairness to the men of the '80s, Bonnie went on to specify that the man she wanted was "a white knight on a fiery steed," who was "racing with the thunder and rising with the heat," from a place "up where the mountains meet the heavens above, out where the lightning splits the sea." Going on these rough descriptions, the only men capable of banging Bonnie Tyler were the Justice League of America. *snicker*
* Eight of the world's most unusual plants.
* Such a cute necklace!
* Shatner plaintively begs the Associated Press to pass a note to J.J. Abrams in class to tell him that he really, really wants to join his secret club.

Daily Science
A ‘defect’ in spacetime may be one of the most curious findings of the data collected from the Wilkinson Anisotropy Probe. What WMAP gave us is the earliest image of the cosmos we have in our repertoire, showing temperature changes across the microwave background thought to be the aftereffect of the Big Bang. When Marcos Cruz (Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria) and colleagues found a cold spot in the data, they launched an investigation to determine what in heaven could be causing it.

A random fluctuation in the data? Possibly, but the Spanish and British team studying the cold spot think the odds on that are only about one percent. A cosmic defect would be quite a find, evidence of exotic phase transitions in the infant universe involving the breaking of symmetry between particles. A cooling universe would see a phase transition when quarks, for example, became distinct from electrons and neutrinos. A homely analogy is to a kitchen freezer, where the defects in ice cubes show how irregularly matter behaves when it undergoes phase change.

Daily BPAL

Gnome: no notes listed
In bottle: Pine and earth.
On me: Ooooh. More earth than pine, and something incensey and musky. Dark. Something sharp and green in that earth.

Bearded Lady: A seductive and flowing exaltation of femininity: Turkish rose, stargazer lily, violet, honeysuckle, amber, star jasmine and vanilla.
In bottle: Lots of battling florals, but the amber grounds them and vanilla sweetens them.
On me: Huh. This is actually a nice subtle floral. I'm not sure what's holding all of these flowers in check, but I'm grateful for it.

The Rat King: The Nine-Headed nemesis of the Nutcracker Prince. Dust, wood and feral musk with a fang-sharp undertone.
In bottle: Dirty musk!
On me: Dusty dirt musk. Aaaand it goes straight to dime-store cologne. o.O

Kunstkammer: A sensory jumble, a true cacophony of odors: black pepper, benzoin, blood orange and olibanum.
In bottle: Weirdly... *foody*.
On me: Goes from foody to straight black pepper to benzoin... morphs like crazy. Cacophony indeed!

* Due to mis-scheduling of a study, I actually have a bit of downtime this morning. I plan to enjoy it, and also to get at least five things from my to-do list done. *nod*
* Elayna has a doctor appointment at 3:30.
* Going to my massage place's grand opening (under new management) tonight... I am not necessarily a gran opening gal, but they're raffling free services. I'm supposed to get weekly massage for the fibro, but I can only really afford monthly, so a free massage would be most excellent. (Those who were interested: It starts at 5. We could meet there or walk/drive from my place; dinner afterward?)
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