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Also: Located name-change paperwork and adoption paperwork.

*quietly thrills*

So I have filled out the name-change stuff to become Shira Walker [Adam's surname]. It is all ready to be sent in. Soon as I get a spare $165. (And Max's treatment must come first.)

The adoption paperwork is confusing, and I should not be dealing with it when my brain is tired. Don't want to fuck it up. :) I think they have to run an ad in the Las Vegas papers asking Layne to come forward or forfeit his parental rights. But also there's a place for kids over the age of twelve to sign if they consent to the adoption. Which Elayna totally does. If she consents, do I have to run the ad? Must have Adam take a look at this. Anyone know a family-law attorney?

*looks around*

I actually have desk space. This is good.
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