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Early afternoon miscellany

* My neighbor's car alarm has been repeatedly going off all day. I am right about to head over there with my spear. No jury would find me guilty. You know this to be true.

* Neil Gaiman's doing a fantasy TV series for the BBC - and it might be Anansi Boys. :)

* For those who've asked about Max's health... Short version = he's about the same. Long version, with bodily fluids = his poops are still loose/runny, but he appears to have more sphincter control. No poop trails across the bed, just a few random drops. He still can't eat normal food - throws it up whenever he does. He has no trouble with the boiled chicken, but still. So I'm taking him in for bloodwork tomorrow. Raised Jewish, I can't even bring myself to stage-whisper the possibilities. I'm sure you can imagine, though. So. Let's hope it's a twice-undetected parasite or something. *sigh* He doesn't seem *distressed* anymore, which I'm taking as a good sign.

* My wedding anniversary is Wednesday. I am inordinately pleased with my mad gifting sk1llz. Muahaha.

* This week is *packed*. I'm tired just looking at my calendar.
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