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Your $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping guide!

$WINTERHOLIDAY's coming up - have you started shopping yet? Allow me to provide for you a list of shiny things that everyone on your gift list will love! Don't shop in department stores - buy from your fellow LJers! Asterisks mean that I have something/have seen something by that person and can personally recommend it. :)


* Wearable Sculpture: Fine art wire-and-beads-and-jewels-and-everything jewelry. Elaborate necklaces and bracelets, delicate pendants and earrings... they do custom work and monthly-mystery subscriptions, and update every Friday with new shinies! I know I pimp them a lot. I swear I'm not getting a commission. :) I just love their work. It's not only beautiful and creative - it's *durable*, unlike a lot of other artsy jewelry. kythryne and Amy really know their stuff!

* cissa says: "I make jewelry, and sell it via 2 sites: AFMetalsmith has my handmade, usually 1-of-a-kind work on it, using sterling silver, gold, precious and semiprecious stones, and enamels. Electric Celt as both Celtic jewelry of my own original designs, and some affordable pieces of which I've made multiples. EC also has other things with a Celtic theme, like greeting cards, switchplates, and t-shirts." (She made the shirts Adam and I were wearing when we met; we want her to make our wedding rings!)

* azhure makes gorgeous stuff - check it out at Sorscha Azhure and Dark Garden! (She donated a necklace to my charity auction. :) )

* If your tastes run more to cute funky '80s-inspired stuff, check out Zlanarama! Elayna bought a necklace and bracelet from zlana a week or two ago and has been wearing them constantly.

* beetiger has jewelry here. The skull earrings are adorable.

never1eighty has an etsy jewelry shop, too!

kythryne says: "My dear friend Kate Holly-Clark runs Antika Nueva, which is back online after a number of years at She makes wire jewelry, and soap, and also has a line of goos which are splendid things, and if you ask her nicely she'll sell you unscented goos and instructions for scenting them with the perfume oil of your choice. My assistant KaLea also runs her own shop, Dragon's Paradox, and she does knotted pearls. I have a necklace from her, and it's breathtakingly beautiful and a real steal at the prices she charges. is her site, and they also have all sorts of cool witchy things as well."

rhiannonhero's friend Jay-Jay makes cute delicate earrings and necklaces.

Stepharia's Jewelry, recommended by emma2403.


* murnkay has stories in a few anthologies - check out Bad-Ass Faeries and The Dead Walk Again!

* You know we love catvalente around here. Her new book - the conclusion of the award-winning Orphan's Tales cycle - is out next week! Buy The Orphan's Tales - In the Cities of Coin and Spice!

* cmpriest writes yummy gothic horror. Start with Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

desperance says: "My series "Selling Water by the River" is now complete - "Bridge of Dreams" in paperback, "River of the World" in gift-friendly hardcover. Ottomanesque fantasy, w/ sultans and harems and eunuchs and magical pollution and all sorts..." (Bridge of Dreams been on my Amazon wishlist forlikeever.)

beetiger wrote an RPG book, her husband wrote a novel,and you can get them both here!

* gows recommends "mizkit, also known as C.E. Murphy. A long time college friend of mine, she's been publishing quite a bit of urban folklore (and getting favorable reviews from folks like Charles deLint!), including Urban Shaman and Thunderbird Falls (from the Walker Papers series) and the recently-published Heart of Stone." (I read Urban Shaman, expecting it to be meh, and was very pleasantly surprised.)

dr_nebula has a book out about, unsurprisingly, galaxies. "Galaxies and How to Observe them - by Springer. More than a simple observing book, it is filled with up-to-date information on galaxies, their types and evolution. Plus - if you like a CD (or more likely a DVD) full of images of planets, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies I will be selling a collection of my images called Cosmic Vistas during the xcessmass season."


* chebutykin says: "Id Ego Superego! is the compendium of Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink comics #0 - #3, plus all the additional shorts seen in Dork Tower. Written by John Kovalic of Dork Tower fame, drawn by Christopher Jones of Batman Strikes! fame, and colored/lettered by yours truly. The comic is basically the Bob Newhart Show with superheroes, and has been received very well by non-comics folks as well as the usual suspects." (This is seriously funny stuff!)

* Sordid City Blues "is a story about normal people with normal problems - sex, God, rock 'n' roll, and what it really means to be a good person." So sayeth the writer/artist, mister_wolf!


* s00j has a new album coming out - and lots more to love! Reminder: She'll be playing at my house on Nov. 23!

* Gaia Consort - "Visionary music for the Freethinking Mystic in all of us, building culture that celebrates the Living Earth. Psychedelic rock with a string trio and a Pagan twist in the tradition of Jethro Tull, Moody Blues and other hallucinogenic masters." With solcita on viola!

* tewok says: "My Celtic folk group has released its first album this year: "Na Bi Gòrach -- Don't Be Silly". Harp, bagpipes, concertina, a sea shantey, dance tunes, songs. Sound clips available from It's available from CDBaby or from us. My wife has several Celtic harp CDs available as well. Look on for sound clips and such. They're also available from CD Baby ( and search for Jo Morrison.)" (I have one of Jo's CDs - need some Port Righ!)

theloriest's dad is a folksinger!


* Gorgeous corsetry and costuming by Karen Dick, some viewable here. I have seen her work on Spooky. *happy sigh*

beetiger has pagan/hippie/alternative kids tees at Little Pagans.


* haikujaguar is amazing. Just plain amazing. Buy prints here!

* themaskmaker makes wonderful masks and talismans. Shop here!

eilonwy's friend nothingoth does photography.

kythryne says: "Erin McCauley, at, does beautiful paintings. She did the art for the Wonderland series this fall, and has a tarot deck, and is just fabulously talented."


* mizarchivist makes fun stuff with clay - of particular interest, wee dragons, jewelry, and nifty tins for to hold your BPAL or other small treasures!

* Speaking of BPAL - check out the Lab and Trading Post! (I know they don't need my pimpage, but I like kebechet and puddin666. Plus, they're getting married next week!)

* norda's Mike's Comics site has a little bit of everything. Not just comics - Doctor Who stuff, kids' books, greeting cards, music... go check it out!

* beetiger has roll-your-own incense kits and natural incense at I have a mini-kit, but haven't used it yet. It smells great,though!

fiannaharpar says: "Furuyama Mama will be open and ready for business by mid-November with bento box supplies, bento box bags, beginner bento kits, and other goodies. A Company of Cooks will be filling the shop with pretty and useful soups in a jar, handmade mustards, picnic supplies, and some medieval miscellania. There will also be a number of feminine and baby items available in Odriana's Closet (a secret division of A Company of Cooks). Everything will be updated and the shops stocked by November 10th."

varakesh516 says: "I make single or paired beaded hair sticks either in plain or with pretty dangles. The no-dangle type I've had success for folks with curly hair, though I can really decorate those ala your jewelry sculpture friends. All colours, materials, whatever, and I make a little silk pouch for 1 or 2. $10 for one, $15 for a pair. I'll send you photos in the next week or so." (I want!)

Check out Regal Pewter for "the finest in Pewterware from England and Ireland"!

littlebuhnee recommends Solas Candles (and, soon, soaps!)

eilonwy knits and crochets fun things - see here!

jenstclair says: "Since you insist, I write books (fantasy, mostly, young adult and adult), make sweater bears, cashmere art dolls, jewelry, and all sorts of other stuff. There are some pictures at, following the various links."

gows says: "A couple of dear friends of mine live on a farm/ranch outside of Greeley, CO. Their goal is to have a sustainable ranch and, ultimately, to get off the grid. They have a blog at idlewild and the site itself is The site is pretty new so they don't have a lot of stuff up yet, but things for sale include:
- gorgeous, gorgeous fiber, suitable for knitting or weaving! Most (or all) of it is hand-sheared, hand-spun, and hand-dyed. (I have assisted with some of the spinning, even!) Finished products available as well.
- homemade preserves, including nummy peach preserves, apple butter, and tomato preserves (like tomato jelly!)
- unusual hand-turned woodworked items, from hair sticks to elegant ball-point pens to travel coffee mugs and so forth, along with bowls and assorted whatnot.
- unique handmade masquerade masks, made by yours truly."

amenquohi wants you to send your friends a hug!

persis says: "I knit custom scarves, no web site (yet), you pick the colors, I pick yarn and knit...I also sew custom clothing, design and print invitations and cards, and offer organizing services. I can be reached at"

brak55 says: "Well, I'm a little bit off the beaten path for $WINTERHOLIDAY, but if people are looking for collectibles like vinyl records, entertainment memorabilia, old advertisements, etc., I have an on-line store called Wink's Collectibles. It's a bit in its infancy and I'm adding new things pretty much every day. Oh, crafters, I am currently adding a couple of hundred new and used rubber stamps, too."

blubeagle says: "I crochet handbags and afghans. I also make holiday ornaments. I paint them. I am also a writer and will custom write a story for you. I don't have a website but you can contact me at:"

Delila's Mixed Media Art, recommended by emma2403.

If you write, make stuff, et cetera, and aren't listed, it doesn't mean I don't love you; it just means you didn't reply to my pimpage post! Reply here and I'll edit you in.

Happy impending $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping!
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  • Liminality #11!

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