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Happy birthday to techempage!

Am okay. Still exhausted from last week's concerts; been going to bed super-early. And missed a neurologist appointment this morning. *facepalm* Must reschedule.

Use Your Powers for Awesome
FreeRice is a vocabulary test... where they donate food for every vocabulary question you get right. Warning: That is really addictive. :)

Jeff Vandermeer has started the SquidPunk Movement. (There's a manifesto and everything.)

I would like to start the SquidPunkin Movement.

Thank you.

Bit of Beauty
Someone please buy this so I don't keep staring at it and whimpering, hand twitching toward my wallet...

Balance Cards
One-card draw on Thursday - click here to help sponsor it!

Link Soup
* This must be where CSI got the Miniatures-Killer idea.
* Heat-reactive wallpaper!
* ""Repo! focuses on a cruel entrepreneur who creates genetically perfect organs that everybody needs in 2056, and who is content to send in a repo man if the recipient can't make payment."
* LolCats + Batman = this. Screencaps from the campty Batman TV series... captioned with text from Frank Miller's Dark Knight.
* Comparison of nutritional content in candy bars.
* I totally want a scooterdesk.
* Dark chocolate aids fatigue. Dude, dark chocolate aids *everything*.

Daily Science
Mind Tricks Explained: The latest research on déjà vu, out-of-body experiences and other head games

Daily BPAL

Cupid Complaining to Venus: Apple blossom, fig, white peach, honey absolute, red sandalwood, and wild thyme.
In bottle: Lots of honey on that peach!
On me: Light, fruity, sweet - good spring scent!

Three Gorgons: Egyptian amber, mandarin, tangerine, black pepper, tobacco, and vetiver.
In bottle: Mostly amber, with a swirl of vetiver.
On me: I get a little tangerine through the amber... not enough to put me off.

Death of the Grave Digger: Snow, soil, opoponax and myrrh.
In bottle: Yep. Snow and soil. How does she *do* that?
On me: Lightly earthy. Mmmm.

Lot and His Daughters: Indonesian black patchouli, petitgrain, brandewijn, incense, saffron, lemon peel, myrrh, skin musk, bourbon geranium, and tangerine.
In bottle: Ooooh, that's deep and dark! The citrus shoots through it like a bolt of color...
On me: Deep. Swirly. But... not me. Too citrusy. :(

* Reschedule neuro
* Shop for plane tickets for $WINTERHOLIDAY
* Decide where I'm going after Christmas
* Call lawyer
* Continue office/house intensive cleaning
* Work on Seizure Lass
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