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Happy birthday to khaosworks and runnerwolf!

Happy early birthday to samhenderson, who advances a year over the weekend!

Meh. Whole lotta meh. Plagued by an unusual and disturbing headache last night.

Tori show
Freakin' phenomenal, y0. Full writeup when I have time. Elayna was in *heaven*. :) Set list here.

Her milk allergy has faded into insignificance! Yay!
She is now allergic to dust mites (very - she had to take Benadryl), cats, cockroaches, and marsh elder. Boo! I told her no cockroaches as pets. *firm nod* But seriously, we need to buy her a mattress cover and pillow cover. And weed out her stuffed animals.

Link Soup
* Pumpkin sex toys!
* That's a serious gaming station.

Daily Science
Gallery of new species discovered in the Celebes Sea!

Daily BPAL

ÎLE DE LA TORTUE:Damp air trapped in limestone caverns, heady greenery, hothouse orchids, nicotiana blossoms, bois de chandel, elemi, palm wine, garambullo, pega-pega, flame of the forest, and a swirl of Haitian vetiver.</i>
In bottle: Hm. Very floral.
On me: Hm! Floral, but nice despite that. A little bit of sharpness cutting through.

WINDWARD PASSAGE: Breezes blowing off of the waters of the Caribbean: marine accord, seaweed, and bladderwrack.
In bottle: Ocean air, with the half-rot scent of thick seaweed.
On me: Sharp ocean air.

KILL-DEVIL: Sugar cane, molasses, oak wood, and honey.
In bottle: Mmmmm. Thick and sweet. Honey and molasses!
On me: And there's some sugarcane. Thick, sweet, luscious.

PLUNDER: The scent of a pirate's bumboat, overflowing with stolen wares: tea leaf, cassia, cinnamon bark, clove, allspice, sandalwood, tobacco, peppercorn, and nutmeg.
In bottle: *squee*spicyyay!
On me: I smell like chai. Good strong chai, not tourist chai. I smell like I express spice instead of sweat.

Wearing: Green tee with red Chinese chop - says "Learning never ends". Jeans. Penguin socks.
Reading: Still Th1rte3n by Richard K. Morgan and AfterShock - have had almost no reading time. :(
Friday: Help kid weed stuffties, nap, TMBG concert!
Saturday: Rest. rigel's party, if anyone can give me a ride.
Sunday: Making sugar skulls with Elayna and feste_sylvain's younger daughter - then Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D.


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