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Thankful Thursday

1. The usual: wonderful husband, fabulous kid, fantastic partners. :) I bunch these all together because individually they'd take up most of the list, and that's kinda cheating.
2. Vosges goji berry bars.
3. I can has Spooky for Thanksgiving! We thought it wasn't going to happen. But we are making it happen.
4. New s00j album soon! I am itching for new music.
5. Writerbrain shaking off the rust and getting into the thing what was magical realism but is really sf.
6. Tori concert tonight. TMBG concert tomorrow night.
7. Watching Torchwood the other day... Owen: "When was the last time you came so long and hard you forgot where you were?" Me, replying to the TV and the world in general: "Last night." So,y'know, there's that.
8. Birthmom sent me money to get plane tickets for Christmas. So I get to be in charge of that, instead of herding cats.*
9. ...I have almost all of my $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping done.
10. Garlic bread with cloves all through it.


* I still don't know where I'm going for the week after Christmas. Hoping to stay in my aunt's island house to take a writing retreat.
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