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Thor's Day

Painflarey yesterday. Still having IBS issues today, but am in less pain. (Still insufficient sleep, though.)

Someone on the fibro community mentioned moods like the one that overtook me yesterday in connection with her flares. Which is oddly relieving. I like it when things are connected.

Was talking to feste_sylvain in the car about having had an overscheduled childhood, with ballet, modeling, Hebrew school, various after-school clubs. And it occurred to me that this may be what's helping to drive me crazy these days - I don't know how to be not-overscheduled.

Writing some of this out yesterday helped. Even though it came out terribly jumbled. It was pretty much locked inside my head before.

Dichotomy unmentioned:
a) I feel like I'm not doing enough to help my health situation.
b) I feel like that's all I do sometimes - stretch, mild exercise, doctor, doctor, doctor.

Daily Science
Scientists exploring a deep ocean basin in search of species isolated for millions of years found marine life believed to be previously undiscovered, including a tentacled orange worm and an unusual black jellyfish.

Daily BPAL

Shill: Gloriously innocent and guileless: pure buttered popcorn!
In bottle: That is indeed buttered popcorn!
On me: In the bottle, it's more buttery; on me, it's more popcorny. Interesting! Adam will like this.

Midway: A bombardment of edible carnival indulgences. Funnel cake, caramel apple, cotton candy, salt water taffy and sugar tart.
In bottle: Lots of undifferentiated sugar.
On me: Hm. It goes mostly to saltwater taffy.

Freak Show: A strange, disconcerting embrace… to some, alarming, and to some, intimately familiar: fig, pomegranate and cocoa bean with lemon, bergamot, vanilla, mellow honey musk, calamus and tonka.
In bottle: Honey musk with a little fruitiness.
On me: Nice! Dark and musky and a little bit fruity.

House of Mirrors: Antique amber frames a series of distorted, eternally warping clear crystal and glass notes.
In bottle: Little ozoney. Very clear.
On me: Same. Bit of sweetness to it, thanks to the amber.

And now I've tried all of the Carnaval Noir scents save Bearded Lady, Kunstkammer, and Gypsy Queen. Anyone got any in their swap piles?

Going to try to take it easy, physically, as I have the Tori concert tonight. Will attempt to nap, and will be doing only homebound errands. I think I'm going to pretty much just be staying home and resting/not overdoing, save already-scheduled commitments, through early next week. Then I can reevaluate. But one of the problems here is that I have too many input streams, so my focus is being tugged all over the place, willy-nilly. One of the "drastic measures" I was thinking about yesterday was just walking away from LJ for a while, as it's a place that sucks a bunch of my energy. I don't know. I'm not going away entirely, but I will be less here.

Some stuff got knocked loose yesterday, so I'll be able to write posts with Actual Content soon. Just - everything was *stuck*. Does that make sense?

Anyway. Shower. *nods*
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