Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Oh, yeah.

Mercury retrograde.

That doesn't help.

And I'm just going to edit onto this post so I'm not flooding you with post after post.
* Anger dealing with my body and brain failing to perform up to reasonable standards. This is no one's fault. Which makes it harder, IMO.
* Frustration that things are not getting done around here unless I do them, and I'm been ouchy and/or low-nergy lately, so things have not been getting done. This is the triple whammy of "My body is screwy", "No one else does anything around here," and "I live in a pigsty."
* Overwhelmed by the sheer mountain of stuff that needs doing - basically having choice-paralysis as to what to tackle. What I need is someone to just say "Okay, now this."
* Haven't been writing. That's never good.
* Elayna's cellphone went through the washer. $80 to replace.
And more.

I'm okay on a lot of fronts. But the ones that are not-okay are taking up a lot of processing space right now.

Tori show tomorrow night should help. (And hopefully not make things worse.)

...and now I have to drive a child (not mine!) to choir practice, because her parents have fucked off on her and aren't answering their cellphones. The hell? I don't know. And where's *my* child? Staying late at school to do some extra work, her friend tells me. Okay. I don't know.

My child returned. Without her Orphan's Tales art project or binders. So I had to drive her and her other, non-choir-going friend back to school to get them. And am back now. And will have to keep on the child all afternoon to make sure she gets organized and tries on her cold-weather clothes.
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