Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Early afternoon miscellany

Awake. Still not physically with-it. Don't know what I can do about that, and that lack of knowledge does bother me.

* I'm an e-mail-based lifeform. I never use the telephone if I can possibly help it. I use LJ as a group communication tool only when something's broadband and not time-sensitive (example: "Anyone interested in forming a writing group?"). If communicating with just one person and/or it's time-sensitive (but not an actual emergency), I use e-mail. Especially if it's 7:30 AM, because I don't like to wake people up unless it's an emergency. If I'm actually calling you, something's on fire or someone's in the ER.

* We get too damn many catalogs and magazines. I have a several-inch stack of stuff that came in today alone. It's all going into the recycling bag. I'm not even looking at 'em.

* My body hurts a lot right now. In addition to the GI stuff. (And yes, Emily, that's fibro-related - IBS is part of the fibro bonus pack.)

* I am abruptly out of cope. I am running out of cope on too regular a basis, and appear to not be regenerating it very well. The only steps-to-take I can think of right now are drastic (because, y'know, out of cope), so I am not going to take them just yet.
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