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Tew's Day

Happy birthday desayunoencama and envoy!

Hello to new reader peaceflower and returning reader rowancat!

Hangin' in there. Pilates was cancelled today. :(

Quote of the Day
"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ (I found it!) but ‘That’s funny …’"
- Isaac Asimov

Link Soup
* Strange currency
* Beautiful stones

Daily Science
An experiment conducted by researchers at Washington University, in Missouri, US, found that fluctuations in brain activity caused volunteers to subconsciously exert slightly less physical force when pressing a button on cue. Crucially, this activity is independent of any external stimulus and does not appear related to attention or anticipation.

The scientists involved say it is the first direct evidence that internal instabilities – so-called "spontaneous brain activity" – may play an important role in the variability of human behaviour.

Daily Scent-Stuff
Still have BPAL to test, but I'm diverging to try out the two Arcana scents I ordered unsniffed (I'm waiting on a decant circle for the others).

Arcana: Caffeinated Death: A fatally wired combination of cocoa absolute, coffee, chai spices, Bourbon vanilla and white cognac. You can sleep when you’re dead.
In bottle: Coffee! Chocolate!
On me: The bastard offspring of coffee and Mexican hot chocolate. :)

Arcana: Little Ghoulie: All the scents of a small, terribly excited newbie to the trick-or-treat scene. Jack o’ Lanterns, ginger cookies, chocolate candy and a frisson of overwhelming delight.
In bottle: Ooooh! Ginger cookies, yes. :)
On me: Gingersnaps, mostly. Yum! A bit of miscellaneous-candy scent underneath, but mostly big chewy gingersnaps with bits of ginger in 'em.

Cobalt: Drifting Orb: A cherry cognac moon suddenly appears and then melts into anomalies of spiced plum, tincture of rosewood, juice of black currant. The drifting orb is encircled by a mist of lightly sugared pure amber and drops of silver vanilla.
In bottle: Cherry.
On me: Cherry pipe tobacco and nothing but. No plum, no currant. Cherry tobacco. I'm concerned about tobacco not being a listed ingredient. *frown*

* Errands requiring a car: Post office, mall (must replace Elayna's cell phone if there's a warranty)
* Diesel this afternoon
* Dinner with mrf_arch post-Diesel

Plans for the week (edited)
Wednesday: Hanging out with ariesd; evening date with feste_sylvain
Thursday: Pilates, hopefully. Tori Amos concert with Adam and Elayna!
Friday: Elayna's allergist. They Might Be Giants concert that night with lightcastle and, if she still wants the ticket, water_childe.
Saturday: rigel's thingie! (Day free for decompression.)
Sunday: Making sugar skulls with Elayna and feste_sylvain-and-tamidon's family?
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