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Quite improved. *decisive nod* Must go back and log how long that lasted... I wasn't really up to keeping track during it.

More me
Went to King Richard's Faire with Elayna and marmota yesterday! Discussion revealed that RenFaires are something that makes me feel more me. Dancing's like that, too; idle thoughts of swing dancing classes are occurring, but that's health-dependent.

I want to do things that make me feel more me. My life has revolved for years around health crap and getting the hell out of Atlanta; the health crap's not going away, but I'm learning how to sometimes manage it. Time to get back to feeling like myself.

Anyway, had a very good time at the Faire. Elayna fell in love with the tigers, liger, et cetera at the big cat show. They said they had preserves in Miamiu and Myrtle Beach; we may visit the one in Miami next summr. "After Woods Hole," Elayna says. :)

Elayna now has garb. Her very first. :) It's for Halloween - Coyote-chan's going as Captain Jack Sparrow, and she's going as Elizabeth.

And I have a pretty spirally hair thingie. And had lots of kettle corn. :)

I need to not have back-to-back sleepover dates. Time bleedover! But I did have a fabulous evening with feste_sylvain.

Life is good. :)

Daily Science
Tardigrades! The amazing thing about these tiny, 1mm creatures is just how resilient they are to about everything. You can put them in space, in hot sea vents, and freeze them - no matter what you do, they'll survive.

Daily BPAL

Pirate Moon: Red musk, ambergris, coconut palm, red sandalwood, balsam, date, warm leather, tobacco, ebony, lingum vitae wood, pandanus grass, an' a touch o' lime.

In bottle: Mmmmm.... red musk at first, then something light, woody, grassy.

On me: Everything mixes. This is a clear, fresh delight with a bed of wood and musk. Mmmm.

The Phoenix: Sea air, gunpowder, lime, salt-crusted wood, a splash of blood, and a dribble of Snake Oil.

In bottle: Aquatic Snake Oil.

On me: Aquatic Snake Oil. *updates sale post*

Midnight Kiss: Eternal desire, unquenchable passion: red musk, cocoa absolute, Nepalese amber, red sandalwood, aged patchouli, nicotiana, and blood wine.

In bottle: *blink* Wow. Dark fruity musky tobaccoey chocolatey, but it *works*.

On me: The tobacco and chocolate are riding high, with a swirl of red musk and wine. *Wow*. This is a winner.

Scorpio 2007: Dark musk, wormwood, basil, dragon's blood resin, galangal, and opoponax.

In bottle: *wrinkles nose* Wormwood like whoa.

On me: I love galangal, but the wormwood is totally drowning it out. :(

Well, this is my first day home in days, so - I have housewifey stuff to do. And writing. Realized last night that one of my stories is not magical realism, it's hard sf. I'm a weird kid. Anyway, I have energy today, and I shan't waste it!
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