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Saturday Morning Miscellany

Wearable Sculpture
This is my Las Vegas piece. That hunk of labradorite is incredibly gorgeous, and fits perfectly into my palm when I raise my hand to my throat for comfort-touch. The vertebrae are ethereal and lovely; the broken glass, perfect. (I used to use broken glass in art-stuff when I lived there, and was always picking it up on the side of the road - loose-curled fist full of broken glass and twisted metal.)

It's not the Strip; it's the desert. It's my Vegas, the Vegas I write about in Walking on Water and Places You Haunt. A love song to a harsher beauty under the glittery facade so few see beneath.

BPAL Yule Update like whoa!
And a portion of each sale will benefit AIDS Project LA!

ANGERONALIA: Strength, passion, and the cleansing fire of joy: olive blossom, white nectarine, vibrant blood orange, honey absolute, lemongrass, elemi, sensual patchouli, and the quiet purity of gardenia.
'song says: Oooh, honey - but almost everything else in here is a scentkiller for me! Citrus? Gardenia? All you need in here is jasmine, rose, and civet. Ptui.

ARCHANGEL WINTER: Crystalline, glassy ice whipped by a snowstorm. Piercing ozone, winter darkness.
'song says: My gut instinct is that I already have ozoney scents... but I want to give it a try anyway. Decant from dark_blade.

CHANUKKIYAH: Olive oil, beeswax, glowing amber, sweet sufganiyot, pomegranate, and fig.
'song says: You had me at Chanukah. And you kept me with beeswax, fig, and sufganiyot. Ordered bottle.

CHRISTMAS ROSE: Bruise-tinted hellebore blossoms pushing through snowdrifts.
'song says: Have and imp of Black Hellebore and scarcely ever wear it; don't need this.

DIWALI: Lotus root, mango, tamarind, cardamom, clove, almond milk, cashew, rice flower, coconut, supari, raisins, and incense crafted from aloeswood, red sandalwood, cedar, and spikenard.
'song says: *inarticulate squeak* Lotus? Cardamom? Clove? Those woods! *falls over and hits "order bottle" on the way down*

EGG NOG 2007: Sweet brandy, dark rum, heavy cream, sugar, and a dash of nutmeg.
'song says: Dude, I haven't even tried my decant of the original Eggnog yet! So backed up on testing, due to recent Swaps Like Whoa. Anyway. This sounds delish, but I'm already ordering a few bottles, so - decant from dark_blade.

EL DIA DE REYES: Hot cocoa with cinnamon, coffee, and brown sugar.
'song says: Every single note in this sings to me. This, like Kill-Devil and Plunder, reads to me like Beth sat in her lab and said "Hmm - what wonderful thing can we do just for Shadesong's skin chemistry? And lo, I order a bottle.

THE FRUIT OF PARADISE: The Fruit of Paradise, the Nectar of Death: bittersweet pomegranate, nurtured and cultivated in the hollow darkness of the Underworld.
'song says: I like pomegranate *in* things, but this seems like single-note pomegranate, and I'm kinda meh on that.

GINGERBREAD POPPET 2007: Warm, cozy gingerbread spiced with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.
'song says: My treasured half-bottle of the old Gingerbread Poppet is a favorite of mine, and of Elayna's (she's the BPAL cookie queen!). So - bottle!

HALOA 2007: Wine grapes, myrrh, frankincense and olive leaf, and the warm scent of offertory cakes.
'song says: Tried this last year, and it just did not work. I think it's the frankincense that kills it. Pass.

JOLASVEINAR 2007: Their scent is a mishmash of snow, dirt, Icelandic moss, marsh felwort, and the smushed petals of buttercups and moorland spotted orchids, with the barest hint of the scent of pilfered Christmas pastries.
'song says: Last year's was okay, but I find that I really never wear it. Pass.

KRAMPUS 2007: Sinister red musk, black leather, dusty rags, and wooden switches.
'song says: Classic example of a scent that should've worked on me (red musk! leather!) but emphatically didn't; in this case, I think it was the dusty-rags thing. Pass.

LA BEFANA: Candy charcoal, winter lilies, parma violet, a sprig of cypress, a poof of chimney dust, and holiday sweets.
'song says: I have no idea what this is actually going to smell like, but I am verra curious. Decant from dark_blade.

LICK IT ONE MORE TIME: Every holiday season should be full of lewd suggestions and filthy double entendres, right? This is a new take on Lick It and Lick It Again -- a peppermint candy cane with a flash of vanilla and an extra jolt of sugar.
'song says: I have a decant of the original and never wear it. Pass.

MIDWINTER'S EVE 2007: A melancholy, deep scent, poignant and brimming with nostalgia. The perfume of sugared plums over a breeze of winter flowers.
'song says: This could be lovely, if it's not too floral. Decant from dark_blade.

MISTLETOE 2007: The plant of peace in Norse tradition. If enemies met in the forest and came upon a sprig, they laid down their arms and observed a truce until the next sunrise.
'song says: Could be nice. Decant from dark_blade.

NOCHE BUENA: A celebration of the Nativity: the light, uplifting incense of the Misa de Noche Buena, purple sage, and a vibrant bouquet of plumeria, chrysanthemum, tuberose, Angel's Trumpet, Mexican tiger lily, dahlia, and azucenas.
'song says: Floral death. Pass.

NOVEMBER: Autumn leaves damp beneath the first snowfall.
'song says: I didn't like October, but I'll likewise give November a shot. Decant from dark_blade.

In dramatic contrast to the soft innocence of Snow White and the dew-kissed freshness of her sister, Rose Red, this is a blood red, voluptuous rose, velvet-petaled, at the height of bloom. Haughty and imperious, vain, yet incomparably lovely to the eye, but thick with thorns of jealousy, pride and hatred.
'song says: Rose. Pass.

ROSE RED 2007: The perfected winter rose, dew covered and freshly cut.
'song says: Rose. Pass.

THE SHIVERING BOY: The scent of frozen, dormant vineyards, bitter sleet, and piercing ozone, hurled through labdanum, benzoin, and olibanum.
'song says: Sounds gorgeous, but I'm already ordering a bunch of bottles - decant from dark_blade.

THE SNOW STORM: Winter aconite, balsam fir, cedar leaf, and white mint.
'song says: You had me at aconite, and - mint? Bottle.

SNOW WHITE 2007: A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.
'song says: Didn't like the original, pass on the update.

I was a bad girl and did the immediate-reaction purchase, totally forgetting that we Bostonians keep saying we're going to do a group order to save on shipping. But. The Lunacy update is on the 25th, and Gaiman and Pratchett scents are going up then, too; want to do a group order then?

I'm basically going to be out of the house from this afternoon through Monday morning. (Happy about sleepover dates, but not happy about them being consecutive days.) So. Goals for 'round the house today:
* Well, basically the kitchen. Need to get rid of all of the crappy old Tupperware that we haven't used at all this year, and need to reorganize so I can get to the stuff I need. Right now, a bunch of shiny Kitchenaid stuff no one uses is cluttering the countertop, and I have nowhere to put the crockpot. So basically, we're hauling everything out and putting it back in places that make sense.
* And taking the window AC unit down for the year.
* And we need to make a post office/library run.

And Elayna needs to see if any of her cold-weather stuff from last year still fits her.
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