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Same, plus headache. I did manage to get a mini-nap in yesterday, and I slept well last night.

Clothesline Project
The Clothesline Project is a visual display that bears witness to the violence against women and children. The Clothesline reveals the extent of violence against women and children with visual impact similar to the AIDS Quilt and the Vietnam Wall.

The Clothesline Project gives women and children an opportunity to break the silence about violence by creating shirts that give voice to their personal experience. The shirts are then hung shoulder to shoulder on a clothesline for public viewing.

laurelian visited the Clothesline Project on display at her university; here are her photos.

(I've created two Clothesline Project shirts m'self.)

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize! *throws confetti*

Okay. So he's won that, he's won an Emmy, his charisma has drastically improved, et cetera. And he's still saying he's not going to run for president.

Question of the day: Is it irresponsible of him to *not* run? He can win. Of all the Democratic candidates, he's the one we *know* can win. If he doesn't run, we risk losing an election because J. Random Red-Stater doesn't want a woman or a black man as president. We could have another four years of Bush-crony hell. Given this, is it Al Gore's responsibility to run and get the nation back on track?

Link Soup
* If I ever do need a wheelchair, I want this one.
* Evolution of language!
* Comic-book binding. Shiny!

Daily Science
Abnormalities Found in Nerve Cells in the Skin of Fibromyalgia Patients
They collected skin biopsy samples from 13 fibromyalgia patients and 5 control subjects, which were read by an individual who did not have any knowledge of whether the biopsy was from a study participant or not. All five skin biopsies from healthy controls "showed relatively even distribution of variegated sized unmyelinated axons sheathed well by complicatedly folded Schwann cell membranes." However, in the tissue samples from 9 of the 13 fibromyalgia petients, unmyelinated Schwann cells were noted to be ballooned, a finding not found in any of the controls.
The skin of fibromyalgia patients showed unusual patterns of unmyelinated nerve fibers as well as associated Schwann cells. The researchers conclude that if these findings can be replicated in a larger study, it could be concluded that these abnormalities contribute or even cause fibromyalgia patients' lower pain threshold.

Could this be the beginning of the answer?

Daily BPAL
Trick & Treat! Egg'd Mailbox and Marshmallow PoofCollapse )

Friday memage!
Wearing: Flannel pajamas with flamingos on 'em.
Reading: Th1rt3en, by Richard Morgan; Love is a Mix Tape, Rob Sheffield
Planning: Today is blessedly free, so I can Get Shit Done around here. Tomorrow I bully Adam and Elayna into getting shit done, and then I have a sleepover date with marmota; Sunday, South End Open Market with marmota, and a sleepover date with feste_sylvain.

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