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Mail call!

Incredibly fabulous mail day! BPAL like who - 5mls of Scorpio and Midnight Kiss, imps of the new pirate scents (I have the sweet lusciousness of Kill-Devil on one wrist right now and the take-no-prisoners kickass spice of Plunder on the other), and lots of frimpage - and my double Inquisition plea, tricked with Egg'd Mailbox (which I'll try to swap for Pumpkin Smash if it doesn't work on me) and treated with Marshmallow Poof!

And and and.

My Wanderlust piece from kythryne.

I would post a picture, but I know Kythryne will have taken one, and it's likely better than my amateur pic would be, 'specially since the piece has flashes of labradorite and glass.

It is exquisite. Perfect to the point where I teared up just looking at it.

No bright flashy glitz. This is my Vegas, drawn from my writing.

Oy, I'm still verklempt. Kyth, picture? :)
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