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In other news, my life is full of schmoop. :)

Y'know the "comment and I'll tell you three things I love about you" meme? feste_sylvain posted it, and I asked, curious as to how he'd narrow it down. He said:

I love your ability to transcend holism; you are not your illnesses.

I love your sharp, multi-faceted mind; your eyes fairly glow with the thoughts behind them.

I love your hair...

But he could not stop there, and e-mailed me a further list...

I love thy lust, thy desire for me.

I love thy trust, thy ability to turn thy back to me as we sleep spooned.

I love that thou art introducing me to perfume, which not even my Franco-American neighbors could do.

I love thy patience, especially with my klutzy attempts at topping thee.

I love thy mothering; thou art raising an exceptional girl.

I love thy editing; I just know that thou art scanning this closely for grammatical correctness. But when thou findst things in my stories, they are always things which require attention.

I love thy dreams.

I love thy involvement in every community thou touchest. Many may buy pretty necklaces, but thou held a party in thy own home for the artist. For just one example.

I love thee. I love thee tremendously, madly, deeply, and truly.

I love thee.

He loves my editing. *giggle*
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