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*bleary blinking*

* I have spent the majority of my day mucking out my office. I have a Whole Foods bag stuffed almost to the point of exploding with magazines I've speed-strip-mined for useful content - you should have *seen* the stacks. Oy.

* Republic of Tea Rooibos Red Chai = A++++. If you're reading, o mysterious Switch Witch, thank you!

* I may have an Extra Special Houseguest this weekend. *crosses fingers*

* All the cute boys who keep e-mail-nudging me asking for my schedule should now have access to my Google Calendar; this is easier than sending y'all weekly e-mails. If you need my schedule and don't have access, it's not that you're not cute, it's just that you haven't nudged me in a while.

* Should I do this craft show thing? I don't know. I feel like I'm rushing. It might be better to take my time and start on Etsy.

* Mucking out my office = psychologically helpful, though. Look, ma! I'm tossing cruft! I can actually sit at my desk and work again!

Hey, dinner should happen.
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